I tend to read widely: Bestselling author Nikita Singh

Filling the limbo
I was reading in school, but not as religiously as I began to after school and before college. There was a limbo, where I had too much free time and too little to do when I turned to my parents’ library at home and read a book every day for seven months straight.

Playing favourites
I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to one favourite book. And I don’t have a favourite genre either. I usually enjoy reading fiction (different genres in it), but I do also read non-fiction quite often. I tend to read widely, jumping from heavy historical work to a fast-paced thriller to a quirky self-help book without discrimination. But as far as favourite authors go, I like Jhumpa Lahiri, Thomas Bernhard, James Baldwin and Sylvia Plath — there is fearlessness and authenticity in
their work which I find so admirable and aspirational.

Reading everyday
I read every day. I’ve developed a habit of reading every night before bed, even if it’s for just a few pages before I fall asleep. Another good opportunity is reading whenever commuting to make use of that time. Thirdly, listening to audiobooks adds to my reading time when I’m too tired to actually read. I’ve been doing very well this year actually, reading roughly two books per week.

Eyes and ears open
I get book recommendations by just keeping my eyes and ears open. At least half of my friends are avid readers, I follow several book clubs, discover books on the news, bookstores and social media. Format doesn’t matter I read books on all available platforms. Of course, there is immense comfort in reading hardcovers and paperbacks, but I also read on my Kindle and iPad and listen to audiobooks. At the end of the day, they are different ways of consuming the same content. I’m not partial to any one of them enough to give up the others.

Currently reading
I’m re-reading Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee and also reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.

Adaptations I have loved…
I think the HBO mini-series Big Little Lies was executed perfectly. From the cast to cinematography… everything in the book was done complete justice.

Adaptations I wish I were a part of…
Harry Potter! I was too young to have actually been able to contribute in any way, but it would have been such a dream to be a part of that franchise.

For the love of it
If I love a book too much, I don’t want to see it in film format! Why fix something that’s not broken?

Liar, liar
I have never read Anne Brontë, but it’s totally possible that at some point I have said I have read all three Brontë sisters. Must read…Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman because it’s an intense and important book. The atmosphere, the prose, the subject matter…everything is worth investing your heart into.

(Nikita Singh is the bestselling author of books likeThe Reason Is You, Letters to My Ex, Every Time It Rains, Like a Love Song)

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