Vijayvargiya emerges a strong leader

INDORE: Amid rumors that Kailash Vijayvaergiya has been sidelined by the BJP high command, he has now emerged as a powerful leader in the recent Cabinet announced by Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. In the previous Cabinet, he was in- charge of Commerce and Industry ministry apart from several other minor departments but this time, he has received a few major ministries which are considered important in the State Government.

Vijayvargiya emerges a strong leader

In the Cabinet announced on Monday, Vijayvargiya is made incharge of Urban Administration Development and residential and Environment ministry. These ministries have played a major role in the development of Madhya Pradesh in past few years and are considered prominent among other ministries.

The development of city areas is commanded by the UAD ministry while residential and environment look after several important issues.Now, with Vijayvargiya incharge of the ministries, he would be in touch with several boards like Indore Development Authority and others across the state which will give him dominance.

Vijayvergiya is already considered an intense leader who is pro development and with the present portfolio, he will be in a better position to work on his aspirations.The present ministry and responsibility will allow him to work fullfledged now.

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