Ujjain: Why do Ramdev, Balakrishna seek allopathic treatment, asks MPIMA president

Ujjain: Yoga guru Ramdevís has received brickbats, on his remark against allopathy, from MP Indian Medical Association (IMA) president.

IMA MP president, Dr Anoop Nigam has released a video of 5 minutes 16 seconds, in which he has made a scathing attack on Ramdev.

Dr Nigam said that Ramdevís partner Balakrishna and others say that Allopathy is not effective then why do they seek allopathic treatment during their sickness.

Today the price of Coronil kit is not more than Rs 2 but it is being sold in Rs 500 per kit and how good his relationship with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to fore at the time of the launch of the Coronil kit where only two Union ministers turned-up.

The medical system of the entire country should be handed over to Ramdev Baba as only then he will know that how easy it is to call names and how difficult it is to do any good on the ground.

IMA State president said that Ramdev has kicked up a storm with two video clippings which have gone viral and has irked Allopathy doctors across the country. He has lost respect due to the kind words he has used. The credit of 93.5 per cent rate of recovery from corona infection is attributed to Allopathy doctors only. On the contrary, Ramdedv attributed Remdisiver injection, Plasma Therapy, oxygen among other allopathic treatment measures as reasons for fatalities due to Covid-19.

Ramdev claims that their Coronil drug is certified by WHO and corona patients being cured by using it, then why is he charging Rs 500 for the kit which is actually priced at Rs 2.

ìAll of us doctors demand from the Government of India that all the allopathic health facilities especially in India, should be closed. The responsibility for the treatment of the Covid-19 should be bestowed solely on Ramdev so that he can his product can sell well and no patient be given allopathic treatment,î Dr Nigam said.

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