Women watch the moon through a sieve before breaking fast on Karva Chauth
Women watch the moon through a sieve before breaking fast on Karva Chauth
Image source: IANS

Ujjain: Our lifestyle has grown sedentary over the years so much so that we hardly get to break a sweat. This denies an outlet to the toxins through the largest organ of our body- skin. The skin can help us gain immunity in at least two ways: through exercise and by absorbing sunlight. So ditching coziness of cooler or AC to exercise and soak in sun for a few minutes is all we need to boost our immunity.

Fasting can also prove beneficial here. Most religions prescribe fasts of different types. The nutritionist among other health experts are also waking up to the benefits of fasting. Hindus observe variety of fasts including nirahara, nirjala, falahar during Navratri and at many other occasions. Geeta in chapter 17 sloka 8 says, “Aayu satva balarogya sukh preeti vivardhna , rasya snigdha sthra hradiy aharah satvik priya.”

It means our food must be Satvik that will increase Ayu and Bal and Aarogya. Jain community observes Navpad oli for nine days twice a year in Ashvin (September October) and in Chitra (March April) months. Durinng Navpad Oli they eat boiled grains. Muslims observes fast during Ramzan, which is currently underway. Thus, we can use religious prescriptions on ahara (food) and fasts to our benefit. Dr Vinod Kumar Gupta Professor and Head, Physics Department, Government Girls’ PG College,Ujjain

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