Liquor distribution by political parties

Indore: Political parties find one or the other way to distribute liquor to influence the voters or oblige their party workers. In the recent Assembly elections, snacks like ‘ Somosa’ and ‘ Aloo Bada’ were used as code words to distribute liquor, however, this time, even more innovative ways have been used to dodge the election guidelines.

The administrative officials too are aware of this but cracking down on the culprits no easy game.Distributing liquor to voters and party members is not a new way to influence the elections.

However, to dodge the preventive measures adopted by the administration and Election Commission, the parties, which want to distribute liquor, always come up with innovative ideas to execute their plans. In the past, they used to directly distribute it, later administration became stricter and they had to resort to code words.

The administration cracked that too. Then they adopted code words based on day- to- day items like ‘ samosa’ and ‘ aloo bada’. However, the administration has gone smarter and technology savvy now and CCTV cameras have been installed at various liquor shops to check liquor distribution.

The latest idea is to use series of currency notes. This is a ninedigit number printed at the bottom of the currency note. Based on the series and the denomination of the note, liquor is being given to the beneficiary. This method couldn’t be checked even with CCTV cameras as generally the cameras capture whether somebody has paid for the liquor or not, but can’t verify the cost of liquor and the exact amount paid.

Riding on the back of this loophole, the parties and candidates have resorted to distribution of liquor on the basis of this series.

For example, somebody carrying a 10- rupee note with a certain series which is understood between the liquor shop owner and the leader, certain amount of liquor would be given to him. If he is carrying 50- rupee note of a particular series, then liquor would be given accordingly. However, the balance of payment would be settled in lump sum on routine or weekly basis.

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