Rural teacher introduces new triangular education technique

Sanawad : With an objective to get rid of the cramming system of education, a teacher of the government school of rural area Rajesh Chaure has advocated a new technique of education for the primary students. He has made a scientific triangular education system based on relation, experience, interest and point wise method, which would enhance the creativity among the students.

While talking to the Free Press correspondent, Chaure informed about this technique in detail and said that this would develop an interest for studies among the children. He believed that if a student is being taught with this technique from the primary level, then no subject would be difficult for him. He said that playing is the best way through which children could be taught alphabets and mathematics easily.

 Today, the heavy begs and lots of written materials has developed a sense of boredom among the children for studies, but instead of that if better techniques and practical things are applied then it would not only took away the boredom but also develop a curiosity among the students to learn more.

Explaining about his techniques of education, he said that classrooms should be surrounded with realistic things despite of plain dull colors. He said that according to the geographical situation and structure of the country, a big picture of sea should be put in the south direction, picture of Himalaya should be put in the north direction and likewise, images of sunrise and sunset should be displayed on east and west direction of the classrooms, respectively.

Through these pictures, students should be taught about the Indian culture, tradition, lifestyle in the simplest possible way through stories. One story a day, would help to develop the curiosity among the students regarding the subject, a story conveys emotions as well as information. According to Chuare, this method involves scientific techniques, which help in developing the mind of students from an early age, as this strengthens the power of imagination, to see beyond the reality and explore various aspects of things. He said that children have high enthusiasm for learning and experimenting, if the teacher could guide it in right direction, then they could become highly creative. The villagers appreciate this triangular education system and they assured teacher Chaure to support him in every possible way.

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