Gogaon: The conditions of local community health centre are deteriorating day by day due to apathetic attitude of hospital staff. The local patients are not being provided the basic facilities also. At the duty time, the doctors remain in their residential quarters and do not come to the hospital and patients suffer in absence of the doctors.

The hospital doctors treat the rural patients at the government quarters after taking their fees during their duty time. Even the sign boards of government welfare schemes are also not fixed at the hospital and hanging down. But, the health employees do not bother to improve the deteriorating conditions of the hospital.

According to local sources, due to apathetic attitude to block medical officer the condition of the hospital is being deteriorated. The sources said that hundreds of residents of nearby villages are completely depending for their health services on this hospital.

But, due to negligence of the government doctors of this hospital, the villagers are bound to go to private hospitals for treatment. Local residents said they have made so many complaints to district level officials; but no action is taken by them and the rural patients are suffering badly.

Free Press Journal