Indore : For controlling the infant mortality rate (IMR) in the state, the State health department is going to launch a fortnight campaign across the state for spreading awareness on the problem of dehydration among children.

The department will launch the campaign in two phases and the first phase will start on July 28. Talking to Free Press, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr Ashoka Dagaria said that senior officials have directed the check points of the campaign through video conferencing on Thursday.

“The first phase of the campaign will start on July 28 and our target in this phase will be to make people aware about the problem of dehydration among children of 0-5 yrs age,” Dr Dagaria said.

He further said that along with organising various awareness programmes, the department will also take the help of Aasha activists for distributing ORS packets to every home.

“Our Aasha activists will distribute packets of ORS to every home which has children of age 0-5 years of age. For motivating the activists, we will also provide attractive incentives,” he said.

The CMHO said that in urban areas, people are more aware and they have the facilities of health centres close to their places but condition is different in rural areas.

“Our main target will be the rural areas of the district and we will ensure to provide the packets to all as the rainy season is the main season for diarrhoea among children,” he added.

ORS centres in every school

Dr Dagaria said that the health department will also take the support of district education department and the public health engineering department for the cause.

“We are planning to launch an ORS centre in every school whether it is government or private. We are also talking to the officials of the education and PHE departments,” Dr Dagaria said In the second phase of the campaign, the department will work on the theme of breastfeeding.

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