No vaccine is 100% effective: Experts

Diarrhea vaccine of Indian co to hit the market soon

Indore: Pediatricians from various parts of the country and abroad laid stress on vaccination, need for neurological pediatricians and rational pediatric therapy in our country. Theye were here to take part in the 51st Annual National Conference of Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Pedicon- 2014.

No vaccine is 100% effective: Experts

Senior pediatricians Dr Vipin Vashistha, Dr Udani and Dr Pramod Jog shed light on various issues during the conference. “ Before licensing any vaccination to sell in the market, its safety is the key issue.No vaccine is100 percent effective. Researches should continue on safety of vaccination. However its usage should not be stopped,” Dr Vipin Vashishta said.

While addressing media persons on the third day of the national conference, Dr Vashishta said diarrhea and pneumonia claim large number of deaths of infants in our country.

“ An Indian company had invented a diarrhea vaccine which will be available in the market soon.” He added, ” Government should promote production of vaccination in our country as well so that maximum number people can be brought under its ambit.” Dr Rajesh Udani from Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai shed light on shortage of neurological pediatricians in our country. He said, only 0.4% of pediatricians show interest in child neurology which is very less in comparison to other countries. While talking about availability of doctors, Dr Udani said Mumbai has 15 and Indore has only 4 neurological pediatricians.

“ The fact couldn’t be undermined that most of the kids face neurological problems like epilepsy, paralysis, mental health issues and congenital diseases,” he added.The senior pediatrician added that autism is evolving as a major challenge.Reason for autism could be genetics as well as environmental.

He stressed that kids should not be exposed to TV before they turn two. “ Inactive lifestyle is also a cause of autism,” Dr Pramod Jog from Pune gave details about rational pediatric therapy. He said antibiotics and vaccinations must be used limitedly. Diarrhoea can be treated with ORS and there is no need to give saline in such cases. He stressed on following medical ethics and said that only necessary tests should be prescribed to patients instead of giving a list of

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