More you practice better you get, says mathematics expert Simarpreet Singh

Indore: Preparing for board exams might feel overwhelming, but being dedicated to your studies means you are on the right track. Mathematics in particular is a subject that many students dread about.

When it comes to mathematics, it is not something that you can learn by heart, the more you practice, the better you get at it. Try to grab as many practice books as possible and try to solve them all.

In the process, you will come across doubts and difficulties, which you can solve by taking help of teachers. Never cram problems and solutions.

Basics of preparing for Math examination: In mathematics, while facing a question, it is formula that comes to your rescue. While solving the question if you can find the right formula that has to be applied, half your problem is solved. Mastery over formula comes only when your basics are clear. Constant revision is also required. Also certain chapters carry more weight in terms of marks. So naturally, more time and efforts should be given towards the preparation and revision of those sections.

Pattern changes for CBSE Class X board Math Exam: From this academic session the examination pattern for CBSE class 10th has been changed. Under the altered assessment scheme, now class X Mathematics exam conducted by CBSE will be of 80 marks covering 100% syllabus of the subject.

The mathematics paper will comprise of total of 40 questions divided into four sections:

Section A: 1 mark (20 questions)

Section B: 2 mark (6 questions)

Section C: 3 mark (8 questions)

Section D: 4 mark (6 questions)


UNIT Marks

Real Numbers 06

Algebra 20

Coordinate geometry 06

Geometry 15

Trigonometry 12

Surface area and volume 10

Statistics & Probability 11

Total 80

Be careful, do this right to save your marks

* When there are questions on graph you need to fill all the details on the graph paper. Then make sure you write question number on the graph paper. Writing scale is very important and don’t forget to mention X-Axis and Y-Axis and origin (0, 0) & keep the graph paper adjacent to the answer and tie it from the middle of the graph.

* Draw the diagrams wherever possible by using pencils only, label it properly & write the measures correctly.

* For questions from statistics draw tables properly, do calculation part at the end, so that it will be neat and clean

* For questions of surface area and volume, first read the question properly, understand it and then apply the formula properly, put the value of ? as given in the question, if it is not mentioned use the value which is easier for calculation. Also write the units properly, if it is not mentioned write unit only.

* For trigonometry as you get your paper first draw the trigonometry table and identities at the end page and apply these properly.

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