‘ Many lives can be saved through Basic Life Support’

Indore: “ About six lakh people die every year in our country due to various reasons like accidents, cardiac arrest, choking, etc. Many of them could be saved through the Basic Life Support. The method for providing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation- Basic Life Support ( CPR- BLS) is the simplest way to save anyone’s life at the time of emergency.” This was stated by national chairperson of Indian Academy of Paediatrics- Basic Life Support project and paediatrician Dr LN Taneja of New Delhi.

‘ Many lives can be saved through Basic Life Support’

While addressing a training session on CPR- BLS on the second day of Pedicon- 2014, Dr Taneja explained about the methods for providing BLS and said that anyone could be a life saver. About 600 Home Guard cadets and paramedical staff participated in the session along with Divisional Commissioner ( Indore Range) Sanjay Dubey.

Dubey also assured that regular training sessions of BLS would be conducted by the administration for all walks of life so that they can save many lives. While talking to Free Press, Dr Taneja said that such trainings are compulsory in many western countries and the practice should be adopted in our country as well.

What to do at the time of choking

The experts have categorised choking in two ways, severe and mild.In mild choking, the person could make sound and cough loudly, while in severe choking cannot breath and cannot make sounds or talk.

Steps to be taken at the time of choking

At the time of choking, first tell the person that you are going to help himGet behind him. Wrap your arms around him so that your hands are in front

Make a fist with one hand

Put the thumb side of your fist slightly above the belly button and well below the breastbone

Grasp your fist with your other hand and give quick upward thrusts into the belly

Give thrusts until the object is forced out and he can breathe, cough or talk.

The experts also highlighted for not putting fingers in mouth at the time of choking which basically most of the people do.

General steps of CPR- BLS

Experts shared the steps of CPR- BLS:Make sure that the person is lying on his back on a firm flat surface.

Move clothes out of the way.

Put the heel of one hand on the lower half of the breastbone. Put the heel of your other hand on the top of the first hand.

Push straight down at least 2 inches at a rate at least 100 pushes a minute.

After each push, let the chest come back up to its normal position.

Give 5 sets of 30 compressions in 2 minutes.

Switch about every 2 minutes with someone, who knows CPR. IAP ties up with Andhra Govt for CPR- BLS training Home Guard cadets trying their hands on CPR- BLS

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