Madhya Pradesh: Wood mafia rules the roost in Alot

ALOT (RATLAM): During the second wave of corona the wood mafia is cutting hundreds of trees right under the nose of the administration.

The administration remains a mute spectator even tractors are seen carrying freshly cut trees.

No one dares to stop the wood mafia, said a local. Even if such transporters are handed over to police then they manage to go scot-free due to administrative or political pressure, another local said.

Owing to the lockdown people are being advised to remain at home but the wood mafia is cutting hundreds of trees daily and is taking tractors full of cut trees in broad daylight through the roads.

This has raised questions in the mind of many about the working of administration as no action is taken on the wood mafia.

On one end the administration comes up with slogans such as ëPedh Bachao, Pedh Lagaoí (Save Trees, Plant Trees) and on the other hand such crimes are ignored. Instead of these hollow slogans, the government should save the trees which we already have. Many times the media has published such news prominently and the administration becomes active for a few days and later on the same situation is seen. Gradually, trees of the area are decreasing and the day is not far when we will be left with numbered trees, a villager said.

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