Indore: Women share the trembling household budget with the fuel price hike
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Indore: With petrol prices rising to Rs 99.36 per litre and diesel to Rs 89.93 per litre in Indore, it’s not just the transport facilities that are affected. Every household is now facing a major challenge of double inflation on basic needs.

Continuous rise in prices of petrol and diesel has made vegetables and fruits costlier by at least 10 precent in the city, thereby hitting household budgets of many. Fuel prices play a major role in fixing the prices of vegetables and fruits.

Most basic need-items including grocery, vegetables and consumables already saw a major spike after lockdown that was enforced to control Covid-19 in 2020. Now, with rising fuel prices, transport is dearer and so is everything!

Women handling households through the tough pandemic times are now facing another challenge of putting out a well-balanced meal for their family with soaring prices every day.

Sharing how rising fuel prices have affected every household, some active women who are also a part of various groups and organizations including FICCI Flo Indore.

Women shared the effect of rising fuel prices on Households!

The basic direct rise is…

Meetu Kohli
Meetu Kohli

“The petrol and LPG are both integrally a part of women life, be it working or homemaker and regular hike in them creates an imbalance in family budgets at all levels in society. The entire household travelling budget gets changed every time the petrol hike occurs. Each family member owns at least one vehicle today so the total petrol consumption definitely rises consecutively with petro hike each time." - Meetu Kohli

Kavita Gupta
Kavita Gupta

“The transportation cost to take vegetables from the farm to the market has risen with fuel prices and this is reflected in price rise of the essential commodities. Even if often seen as slight, the change is rather major when it comes to regular consumables like fruits and vegetables. The vendor now sells the same fruits and vegetables at an inflated price of 10 per cent often, 15 and 20 per cent too depending upon the locality.”- Kavita Gupta

Mamta Bakliwal
Mamta Bakliwal

“Business has barely picked up properly after Covid-19 outbreak and lockdown, and now the continuous hike in fuel prices might tank many businesses. It is not possible to inflate the selling price in all the sectors as basic needs. However, with the steep rise in fuel prices, most businesses have no choice. Salaries and businesses are struggling, while our household bill is rising by even Rs 5,000 per month, because of hiked fuel prices and following inflation in every item. The rise in bills in much larger in most families.”- Mamta Bakliwal

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