Madhya Pradesh: Recovery rate on rising in Nagda town of Ujjain district

NAGDA (UJJAIN): The recovery rate of corona infected patients is improving gradually in town.

A local infected by novel coronavirus with 55% lung damage and 85 oxygen saturation level was admitted in Bima Hospital a few days back.

The patient recovered due to tireless efforts, nodal officer Dr Sanjeev Kumrawat and the entire medical staff and was discharged on Wednesday. He expressed gratitude towards the medical staff and appreciated the facilities provided in the hospital.

A woman with 55% lung damage and oxygen saturation level 80 was admitted in Bima Hospital on May 10. She was terrified at first as a doctor said that she might live only for three days. But the due efforts and care of the medical team the patient recovered and she was discharged on Thursday.

Satyanarayan Parmar, a teacher, gifted pens to the medical staff after he recovered from a coronavirus infection. He was admitted in hospital after complaints of respiratory issues but soon he recovered and was discharged on Wednesday.

The hospital staff were moved by Parmar’s kind gesture.

Mohanshree Foundation to take care of kids of corona patients

NAGDA: Mohanshree Foundation will take care of the children of the town whose parents are in isolation wards.

Rathi family which has launched the foundation, has been serving the society for years. Their work has inspired others to help the needy. Foundation director Manoj Rathi Bardanwala informed that the foundation will take responsibility of the children whose family head, or the mother, are corona positive. They will take care of their kids till they recover. Rathi appealed to the residents to inform them about the children if they find any such family near them.

The Rathi family has been providing oxygen cylinders to the patients during the crises and the Foundation bears the cost for CT scan of the needy in Grasim Jan Seva Hospital.

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