Madhya Pradesh: Ratlam Medical College staff mumbo jumbo over jab irks kin of corona patient

FP News Service | Updated on: Thursday, April 15, 2021, 07:50 PM IST


ALOT (RATLAM DISTRICT): The kin of corona patients in Alot, which ha srecorded over 50 cases during the second wave of Covid-19, are a concerned lot.

Due to lack of proper facilities at Alot the patients are admitted to the Ratlam Medical College which is over 100 km away. But the inconvenience of the patients and their kin does not end here as the patients are facing difficulties due to the rampant irregularities at the hospitals.

One such kin a municipal council staff Harsh Bhati admitted his father of in Ratlam Medical College on being Corona positive.

Bhati said that his father was prescribed Remdesivir injections and despite trying his best he couldn’t arrange the injections. However, to his relief the hospital staff told him that his father was administered the required dose of injected.

But, on April 12, as a list of patients in need of Remediver injection was being prepared he discovered that the injection that was administered to his father was a normal high-dose anti-viral drug and not Remdesivir.

A dismayed Bhati alleged that the hospital staff is sharing wrong information with the patients and their families.

He says that the hospital management is trying to hide the prevalent irregularities by misleading the patients and their kin.

There are cases galore, where Remdesivir was not provided by the hospital and patients had to buy the injections from outside, rued Bhati.


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Published on: Thursday, April 15, 2021, 07:51 PM IST