Madhya Pradesh: Inflation surges sale of raw liquor in  Sardarpur, lowers sale of country and foreign liquor
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Sardarpur: Inflation has affected the sale of indigenous and foreign liquor shops, increasing the sale of hand-baked raw liquor. It is alleged by people that the excise department is more interested in catching hold of people involved in manufacturing hand-baked liquor just to save the business of country and foreign liquor.

The country liquor was a suitable drug for the lower and the middle class, but the expensive country liquor has driven the lower-middle class away from it. Now the lower and middle class are cracking down on raw hand-baked liquor because the cost of a hand–baked liquor is only Rs 10 rupees and is easily available in 30 to 40 rupees.

The range of the foreign liquor in store starts from about Rs 120 to Rs 150. The price of high-cost liquor starts from Rs 300 to Rs 350. So the lower class has almost given up on country and foreign liquor.

It is alleged that in view of the recession going on in their shops, English liquor contractors have also pressurised the Excise Department to intensify the proceedings of liquor seizure of raw hand-baked liquor. According to sources from excise department, in the last 6 months raw hand-baked liquor seizures have taken place on a large scale. Recently, on February 23, the team of the Excise Department had recovered mahua lahan and raw liquor worth Rs 3,50,000 in Sardarpur tehsil on the same day.

It is worth mentioning that the poor people especially the tribals are in the business of hand-baked liquor as they are facing a huge employment crisis at the moment.

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