Madhya Pradesh: Farmers in Ratlam forced to buy seeds from private suppliers
Photo by Sajad Hameed

Ratlam: CPI-M has demanded that adequate seeds be made available for to the farmers.

State secretary CPI-M Jaswinder Singh alleged that state government has failed to ensure availability of adequate quantity of seeds for sowing at the designated centers. As a result the farmers are being forced to purchase seeds from private suppliers.

In a statement issue here today, CPI-M leader Singh further alleged that state government has caused financial stress on farmers by increasing the price of seeds without increasing subsidy on it. He said that at the time purchase of seeds farmers have to make payment in cash and at later stage subsidy is made available to the farmers.

He said that price of main crops in the state has increase: soybean seed has witness an increase of Rs 850 per quintal, groundnut seeds are now dear by Rs 500 per quintal, seed of Mung and Arhar are now dear by Rs 250 and Rs 150 per quintal respectively.

CPI-M leader Jaswinder Singh alleged that farmers have to purchase seeds for sowing at present paying almost double price from the market due to non availability at the government designated centres.

He quote that soybeen seeds Government price is Rs 55 per KG while from market farmers have to purchase at Rs 115 per kilogram. Likewise for other crops seeds purchase from the market farmers have been constrained to pay much higher prices due to non availability of the seeds at the government centres.

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