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Madhya Pradesh: Bravehearts who inspire others

On this Children’s Day, we are revisiting the children who have set an inspiring example, leading others including adults and seniors alike.
Children's day |

Children's day |


Indore (Madhya Pradesh): It’s time to celebrate the innocence, power and positivity blessed to us in the fresh pack of love known as children. Every year, on November 14, we celebrate Children’s Day in India, remembering the blessing of having children in our lives.

India has the largest adolescent population in the world, 253 million, and every fifth person is between 10 to 19 years. India stands to benefit socially, politically and economically if this large number of adolescents are safe, healthy, educated and equipped with information and life skills to support the country’s continued development.

On this Children’s Day, we are revisiting the children who have set an inspiring example, leading others including adults and seniors alike.

Gurubaksh Singh

Youngest organic farming expert helping farmers

Indore has been working to get cleaner, healthier and sustainable every day with a new step. One such contributor helping bring change in city’s rural areas is 12-year-old Gurubaksh Singh.

He is one of the youngest organic farming experts in the country. Gurubaksh uses this knowledge to empower farmers by meeting them directly and even putting up free educational videos.

His efforts have helped hundreds of farmers in rural areas of Indore city. Gurubaksh still continues to research, study and promote good farming practices with the help of his parents Chanchal and Rajendra Singh.

Lakshya K

Teaching lesson of humanity & kindness

The basic lesson of humanity and kindness is something we often forget, but this 12-year-old not only remembers, but also practices it every day. Lakshya K, a school student, spends every day giving time to various social activities including cleaning, teaching, motivating and volunteering.

He volunteers with social organisation Create Stories and helps them in adding joy to the life of underprivileged children. Lakshya is still one of the pioneering children, who works at the back-end and motivates children his age by working with them on basic issues.

Tanishq and Rani Raichandani

Leading girls to independence by example

When the times get tough, the tough get going. Two sisters that are leading other girls by example are Tanishq and Rani Raichandani.

They are running their own chocolate bakery and inspiring other girls to work on their skills. “Most girls feel they cannot do much in life, they need to depend on others, but we must look at our strengths,” Tanishq said.

Rani added, “We are simply using our art to make people happy and in turn, helping ourselves and other girls earn a little.”

Krishna Kate

Youngest motivational speaker

One of the youngest motivational speakers in the country is Krishna Kate, who hails from Indore. He is a Blade Runner, who lost one of his legs at the age of 5.

He was travelling in a sleeper bus accident while going to Gwalior, when the bus crashed cost him a leg and a weak wrist.

“I was very fond of running and cricket but doctors had to amputate my leg. My family was in shock and now, one of the legs is artificial. An important vein in the hand was also cut,” Krishna said.

With continued effort, he not only began to walk, but also trained himself to run marathons and became a blade runner. Krishna often delivers motivational speeches to students asking them to never give up.

Paridhi Joshi

Vikram awardee

Equestrian Paridhi Joshi brought home Vikram Award in 2021. She is the only one to the city this year to bag the award.

Vikram award is announced for sport-persons who have remarkable achievements in individual games (games played in Olympics, Asian Games and National Games).

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Published on: Sunday, November 14, 2021, 09:54 AM IST