Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education official clears students' doubts- Check answers of all your queries
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Indore: With coronavirus outbreak and shutdown of schools, Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education (MPBSE) has made enrolment easier and it is not required for previously registered students. Some common queries from students were resolved by divisional officer Deven Sonwani. Following are some clarifications for student:

If we have passed class 10th and/or class 12th board examination, then do we have to enrol again? How to enrol?

For students, who have attempted board examination and registered once, they need not enrol again. Such students can directly fill the examination form. At the time of filling the form, students must share information of enrolment, i.e. registration number.

Is re-enrolment required for mark improvement?

Re-enrolment is not required for attempting the examination again for improving the score. Students can directly fill the exam form.

Can students who have cleared the board examination once, attempt the examination again by changing their subject?

Yes. Students have to fill the subject-change information along with enrolment number and fill the exam form.

Can previously unsuccessful students change the subject and retake the exam?

Yes. Such students who could not clear the exam in their previous attempt can change the subject and attempt the board exam again. Subject change must be mentioned along with enrolment information.

If I attempt the examination for marks improvement, how will I receive my new mark-sheet?

After the result is declared, the new mark-sheet will be issued to the concerned student after he/she deposits the mark sheet released earlier. Marks which are higher in both the examination, i.e. previous and current, will be reflected in the new marksheet.

Will the students who pass from other state board be able to appear in the class 10th and 12th MPBSE examination?


If we have not enrolled in MPBSE in class 9th or class 11th, then can we enrol in class 10th or 12th board examination?

Yes. It is compulsory to enrol for class 10th and 12th board examination within the time frame fixed by the Board for nomination in a particular year.

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