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Indore: Zealous Indoreans Hail Feat


Indore: The fact that Indore bagged India’s cleanest city tag for third consecutive year gave a reason for every resident to celebrate. The hat-trick was most talked about topic at cafés, in social media and households.

Indoreans used every possible innovative way to celebrate the achievement. Free Press brings you some trending wishes, posts and opinions.


“It is wonderful that Indore has been adjudged the cleanest city. All of us should strive to make Indore a world class city by improving on issues like better traffic management, safety and security especially of females. In order to make this dream of world class city a reality, IIT Indore will always continue to work tirelessly and relentlessly with the authorities.”
Pradeep Mathur, IIT Indore director

“The #1 rank for Indore is well-deserved and is a reflection of commitment of city and its people toward cleanliness and hygiene. We at Indore sincerely believe that cleanliness is next to Godliness. Going ahead, we need to focus on hygiene and security as well as better civic sense so that we become the healthiest and safest city. IIM Indore will be working hand-in-hand with the government, administration, and people to make this a reality.”
Himanshu Rai, IIM Indore director

“I am very happy that Indore has been declared the cleanest city. It has been possible because of deep resolve of Indoreans and commitment to keep the city clean. Keeping up with Indore, Indore airport has also been declared as number one airport.”  Aryama Sanyal, Indore airport director


“The city has been painted with artistic touch, which I doubt if any other city in the world has done it. We have taken a step ahead this time and added art to make our city clean, green and pretty. Indore is creating a new history with unique art culture, business opportunities and an array of fantastic food. Indore deserved hat trick. I hope improving activities continue despite change in government.”
Shubha Vaidya, senior artist

“It is moment of pride for us. We hope to continue setting an example and staying clean, green and colourful.” Alok Dave, Association of Industries Madhya Pradesh President

“The credit of this hat trick goes to citizens of Indore. People in Indore are most aware of cleanliness and it has become habit. Indore Municipal Corporation and district administration has developed a system, which is well-adopted by people.”
Dr Jyoti Bindal, MGM Medical College dean


“The achievement is motivating for every Indorean. My grand nephew Akshat who was born in Indore and is staying in Bangaluru proudly tells his parents and everyone that he was born in India’s cleanest city. Good work done in trenching ground.”  Padma Shri Janak Palta McGilligan
“It is truly ‘shaandar’ and efforts of mayor Malini Gaud are praiseworthy. Implementation is a much tougher task, but Indore has achieved it. Reclaiming 100-acre land that was used for dumping trash for years is one of our biggest achievements. We must also give credit to Tai for this.”    Padma Shri Bhalu Mondhe

“Appreciation is heartening, Lessons were stupendous, Wish to be ideal, Example and model for all, Be ready Indorean to sacrifice and stay humble!”  Dr Ajit Upadhyaya, researcher

“I knew Indore would definitely make it. It is such a proud moment for us. I am on cloud nine. We can set an example and be the first to achieve targets. Ground workers, officers, mayor and every resident of city deserve applause. I am sure Indore will continue to grow and rise.”   Kishore Iswe, accountant

“We are able to set an example for ourselves. The competition seemed stiffer this time and I doubted if we will win or even be able sustain cleanliness this time. In the last couple of months, the city transformed itself by cleaning and adding creativity.”      Prayatna Jain, college professor

“Every citizen of Indore has made an effort and helped in becoming clean Indore. I feel so happy to see people hunting for dustbins instead of just throwing trash around. I hope award continues to motivate us to keep our city clean and healthy.”
Gaurav Roy, engineering student

“We have built city together from a small town to mini-India where diversity exists in unity. I cannot explain in words, how wonderful it feels to be a part of cleanest city of India. I remember the other day when a friend of mine from London was talking about cleanest city and I felt so proud.”  Meeti Jain, interior designer

“It is a reason to cheer and party! Indore has proved its might with its committed mayor and active people. Indore has truly transformed. Everywhere in India, I can notice trash and find it unclean. Indore has made a good track record and I hope it continues.”  Nisha Matai, science student

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