Indore: When IG reached police station to lodge complaint of mobile phone snatching

Indore: In order to get a first-hand experience of the behaviour of policemen with people, IG Yogesh Deshmukh along with a policeman reached Chhoti Gwalatoli police station incognito on Tuesday night. They informed a policeman that their mobile phone was snatched by two bike-borne miscreants near Madhumilan Square. Initially, the policeman refused to take a written complaint from them. After that, the IG met TI Sanjay Shukla, who directed the cops on duty at the police station to immediately lodge an FIR. Then, IG removed his mask to reveal his identity.

According to the information, IG Deshmukh along with a constable of his office reached the police station on a bike in civil dress. They both wore masks so that the policemen deployed at the police station could not identify them. They asked the policeman on duty to lodge FIR of mobile phone snatching. The constable informed the policeman that he was talking over the phone when two bike-borne persons snatched his mobile phones at Madhumilan Square. The policemen told them to give information of mobile phone snatching on ‘Citizen Cop’ mobile phone application of Indore Police. The constable was still requesting him to lodge an FIR but the policeman on duty didn’t do this and instead informed the duty officer, who was patrolling the area with TI Sanjay Shukla. IG and the constable reached Patel Statue Square where they met TI Shukla, who heard the complaint seriously and he immediately instructed subordinates to lodge an FIR.

After that IG removed the mask and introduced himself. TI was shocked and he saluted him. IG appreciated him. After that IG checked the uniform of the policemen and found that two policemen were not in proper uniform. IG told TI Shukla to take action against them while two policemen who were in proper uniform were awarded with a cash prize by IG

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