Dr Vinita Dubey, chairperson of organi​s​ation, helping a patient
Dr Vinita Dubey, chairperson of organi​s​ation, helping a patient


In the concept of global village, where we are all connected through technology, loneliness and helplessness still ​plagues many seniors as they are left alone in the second innings of their life.

With most youngsters venturing out to other cities and often other countries, many seniors in India live alone. This especially becomes challenging when one loses or does not have a life partner.

The heartbreaking incidents​,​ where seniors were found days after their demise​, ​​are proof of the loneliness that is taking over lives in our country.

Being in the sixties is not old - considering the fact that the number of Indians over the age of 60 has hit an all-time high - but it can certainly get very lonely and depressing, especially in the maze of high-rises that makes our cities.

The 2/3/4 BHK (bedroom-hall-kitchen) flats that house a growing India's aspirations and dreams of modern living also lead to secluded lives, confined to the gated apartments. No one is allowed to bother you nor bothered about your existence.

To bring a change to this scenario and make the second inning of life fun, retired IAS Manohar Dubey and his wife Dr Vinita Dubey, who is chairman of the organisation, have come up with a concept of ‘Time Bank’.

What is Time​ ​Bank?

Time Bank is an effort to create a social network of caring people ready to spare quality time & people who need both types of care namely physical and emotional. “This initiative is based on our observation that goodness returns goodness kindness returns kindness,” Dubey said.

The concept is to harness technology​ ​(information) paradoxically which is the cause of growing loneliness to create a network of people who are ready to spare time for others and try to return them when they need it most.

“So, in short, Time​ ​Bank is a web-based and app supported network of people ready to spare time and people who are in need of time in both ways physically and emotionally,” Dubey said.

Network of time donators

To create the network of people of 'Initiation of Inner Change Centre' and its members will motivate and run sustained campaigns to register people in Time Bank.

Interested people, to act as volunteers or to get services as customers may register themselves with the organisation’s website or app.

Get or Give help in this form

The lonely persons (senior citizens) may get help in terms of time in following manner

· In emergency or condition of illness

· In case of loneliness for sociali​s​ation

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