Indore: Students urged to give back to society

Indore: When you complete your degrees and take the next step of getting a job or studying further, remember to do your real job that does not mean your office work rather the job of giving back to society, explained senior scientist Dr Jeffrey S Kargel in his chief guest’s address at 7th IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Indore Convocation on Saturday.

“This achievement is not yours alone, the society gave you an opportunity and made you capable, now it is your first job and responsibility to give back to the society,” Kargel said. He added that all of us are employed by earth with nature as our boss.

Kargel referred to all the Indians who have won Nobel prize, stressing particularly on Rabindranath Tagore for his philosophies on raising a child. “Some people’s misguided philosophies take away happiness and love from their lives,” he said.

He added that in the name of patriotism, countries are not only ruining their present but the future of their children and earth. “Service of India includes serving humanity, as Mahatma Gandhi explained and such should be our patriotism,” Kargel said.

He gave an example of Shilshila Acharya, who has given jobs to 1260 women in Kathmandu, Nepal to prepare biodegradable cotton bags. “This replaces the one-time use plastic concept, hence saving environment and providing livelihood as well,” Kargel said.

He quoted the responsibility of students towards human live, non-human live and other geographical treasures like beaches, mountains and water bodies of the world.

Deepak B Phatak, IIT Indore chairman, board of governors in his address quoted lessons from Upanishad. “You have been racing against each other to score better, in future your race would to earn more wealth, but I want you to beware of two possibilities,” he said.

He said that that there is a dangerous possibility of thinking only in terms of performing better or worse than others, which could turn things downhill and lead to a miserable life. “Introspect your goals, life aims and lessons based on bigger goals for the world and don’t just compete,” Phatak said.

He added that rat race will tempt to compromise with your moral values. “But you will feel bad even if you win after the compromise, so develop and practise strong ethical values,” Phatak suggested.

Further, he quoted the role of leader and asked students to learn to become one by practising generosity.

IIT director Pradeep Mathur presented the report of the institute and highlighted some projects like Resipocare. He informed that Prof Ram Mohan from University of Illinois will join the institute.


President of India Gold Medal: Rahul Choudhary

Best Woman Award: Vanitha Reddy Naina (Msc Chemistry)

Best All Round Student Award: Shah Vinit Haresh

Silver medals awarded to:

* Apoorva Joshi (B Tech Computer Science Engineering)

* Bhole Ashish Kiran (B Tech Electrical Engineering)

* Badabagni Hitesh (B Tech Mechanical Engineering)

* Vanitha Reddy Naina (Msc Chemistry)

* Mayank Sharma (M Tech Mechanical Engineering)

Gold medallist: “I was born in Jaipur. I have been living in Gurgaon for last 15 years. I already have been placed at Golden Sachs, Bangalore, so I intend to work there. I might come back for masters in computer science after gaining some experience. I had newer experiences at IIT Indore, which itself was new too. We had a tinkering lab, where we could work on our ideas without seeking approval from professors. I had the option of going to IIT Madras and IIT Bombay, but I was getting computer science at IIT Indore only. I feel better suited to pursue research in future.”

First chemist from family of farmers: “I feel very happy. I was confident but not sure. My father (farmer Teja Rao Reddy) had tears in his eyes. I am the first in my family to get to this position. When I was in 12th, I saw this as a dream. I wanted to be different. It is a tough subject and that attracted me to it. I was born village Loddaputti, Srikakulam, Andhra Pradesh. We had financial problems but my father managed to support me. "

Total graduates

108 B Tech Students

29 M Tech

55 Msc

83 Doctoral

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