Indore: Sri Sri asks devotees to have patience, quit fear

Indore: The two things that keep you from moving towards perfection are —wanting to possess or get what you don't have, and trying to maintain, or hold on to what you already have, explained spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in his address at Brilliant Convention Centre, Indore on Sunday evening. 

He was addressing thousands of devotees discussing the two things called "yogakshema". 

“These two yoga and kshema are the main causes of anxiety, worry, tension and fear in your life,” Sri Sri said. 

He defined faith as knowing that, what you need, will be given to you, and that whatever you have, will grow and continue to be with you. 

Citing Krishna’s verses from the Bhagwat Gita, Sri Sri said, "One, who does not worry about anything else, but who just puts his (or her) mind in me, totally; one, who is so totally united with me, everyday—I will take care of their yogakshema." 

Urging devotees to learn to be patient and content, he asked them to get rid of fear. 

"Oh! What will happen to me tomorrow? What will happen to me in another ten years? When I become old, who will take care of me? Stop! I tell you, once you have taken one step on this path, more than you can ever digest, will come to you! You will be flooded with food that you cannot eat! You will have so many places to go to, and people will hanker for you to come and stay! You don't have to worry about where you will stay, where you will eat, how you will go, or what you will do! It is absurd to worry about these things, especially if you are on this path,” Sri Sri said.

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