Family members of Covid patients outside the Super Speciality Hospital
Family members of Covid patients outside the Super Speciality Hospital


No beds

Case 1: Family members of a 48-year-old man, ​who ​had 48 per​ ​cent of lung involvement, had called almost every hospital of the city but didn’t get a bed for him. Their doctor told the patient to get admitted at the earliest but they couldn’t get any bed ​quickly. After searching for hours, they could get a bed in Index Medical College.

Case 2: A 69-year-old woman, resident of Depalpur, too didn’t get any bed in any of the hospital​s​ in city. Her family members later requested a nursing home to shift her on oxygen and succeeded. But, after admission, ​the ​hospital asked them to bring Remdesivir injection and they had to wander across the city to get one.

No Remdesivir, ​T​ocilizumab

Case 1: Family members of a 50-year-old patient had checked every shop in Dawa Baz​a​ar and also in the city but they didn’t get Remdesivir for their patient. Administrative officials informed them that they will get injection from the hospital only but hospital staff told them that they are not receiving supply as per the demand.

Case 2: Family members of a patient didn’t get ​T​ocilizumab for their patient on Tuesday. They tried at every shop and even the hospital gave them in ​writing that they don’t have the injection and it should be arranged by family only. The injection was not available in the market and the patient was waiting to get one.

Instead of improving, conditions of health facilities across the city are turning worse as patients are not getting hospital beds in any of the city hospitals while those ​who ​​are managing​ ​to get a bed are struggling to get Remdesivir injection.

Now, not only Remdesivir but the city has been facing scarcity of ​Tocilizumab injection as well. The injection is required for patients who suffer from ​C​ytokine ​S​torm and have severe lung infections.

Meanwhile, the shortage of oxygen in hospitals ​remains as vehicles with oxygen cylinders ​moving ​across the city could be seen while many small private hospitals were cautioning the patients’ kin about low oxygen supply.

Not only small but the biggest COVID treatment facility Shri Aurobindo Hospital too faced problems. As they were overloaded with patients, they also faced problems in maintaining oxygen pressure on all beds.

“Due to overload with patients, we faced problems in maintaining oxygen pressure. We are managing the situation as oxygen supply was also disturbed,” hospital administrator Rajeev Singh said.

Hospital had to close doors for few hours

​The administration at ​Aurobindo Hospital had to close ​their ​doors for patients for a couple of hours on Tuesday morning as a large number of patients reached there for admission.

“We ​had to close doors as we are managing the patients. We focused on discharging patients as over 85 patients were discharged after which we could admit more patients at noon,” Singh said.

Crematoria too reached saturation

Not only hospitals​,​ but the city's ​crematoria too reached saturation ​as a large number of bodies reached there​ and the ​staff had to perform last rites in the passage.​

Staff ​at many ​crematoria said that they ​have ​never ​seen such a situation and now they are also facing ​a ​shortage of resources for performing last rites of the bodies.

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