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science expert

Indore: It is important that students know the basics of science specially if they want to study the subject in higher secondary classes. In order to understand and prepare well for final examination, students must divide their time and effort based on marks. Science expert Ayushi Nahar shared the following tips to score well.

Chapter-wise weightage
Unit Name Marks
1 Chemical substance 25
2 World of living 23
3 Natural phenomena 12
4 Effects of current 13
5 Natural resources 07
Total marks = 80

Tips for exam

* All NCERT questions must be practised ( special focus on differences and definitions ).
* Presentation is important while writing answers in science.
* Answers should be to the point.
* If possible, answers must contain diagram (specially questions related to biology).
* Highlighting main points also help in scoring full marks.
* While studying science student must focus in understanding the concept rather than just learning it.

Important topics

Prepare a time table focussing on important topics given below
a) Physics: Ohm’s law, Fleming’s left and right hand rule, right hand thumb rule, Faraday’s law of electromagnetic induction, ray diagrams, defects of vision with diagram, numerical on resistors, mirror and lens formula, reasoning questions from human eye and colourful world.

b) Chemistry: Chemical reaction: Types and balancing, pH related questions, activity series, functional groups, cleansing action, electronic dot structure, preparations.

c) Biology: Nephron, neuron, human brain, harmony related questions, digestive system, respiratory system, excretory system, reproductive system (male and female), sex determination, law of inheritance.

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