Dilip Kumar’s first still image from the movie Aan where he rode the chariot starting from Lal Bagh palace to Navlakha bridge in Indore
Dilip Kumar’s first still image from the movie Aan where he rode the chariot starting from Lal Bagh palace to Navlakha bridge in Indore

Indore: Dil Mein Chupa Ke Pyar Ka Toofan... The ‘Tragedy King’ parted with the world leaving the world with uncountable memories. The memories of shooting the famous song ‘Dil Mein...’ of movie Aan released in 1952 in the Lal Bagh palace and riding the chariot over Navlakha bridge are just a few by which, Indoris will remember his presence.

Bollywood legend and gems of Indian cinema Dilip Kumar breathed his last on Wednesday morning at the age of 98.

The actor, who ruled the industry for several decades, was famous for his tragic roles in films. His connection to Indore began from 1950 when he first came to the city. The connection grew with time and led to presence of Indore and other lovely landscapes of Madhya Pradesh starring in some of his best movies of Bollywood.

From chariot in ‘Aan’ to tonga in ‘Naya Daur’

Kumar shot for many films including 'Naya Daur' and 'Aan' scenes in Indore. The shooting of the film 'Aan' was done at Lalbagh in Indore. A major scene was shot for movie Aan showing Khajrana as well.

Nadira was first launched as a lead female actress or heroine in the film 'Aan'. Kumar had filmed many scenes with her in the fort of Narsinghgarh.

Further, he came to Indore for shooting of Naya Daur, which was released in 1957. “During this, many big artists like Waheeda Rehman, Pran also came with him. During the shooting of 'Naya Daur', he stayed in Indore and even visited Bhopal,” said Dilip Lokre, regional actor.

He added that the most special among them was the classic film 'Naya Daur' starring Vyjayanthimala.

The tonga and motor car race scene of 'Naya Daur' and the song 'Maang Ke Saath Tumhaara' were also shot in the forest of Budhni. He also shot films in Mandu, Indore.

Shooting Ganga Jamuna

Further, 'Ganga Jamuna'(released in 1961) a popular musical bollywood hit was shot at Manpur Ghat located near Indore. Even during these years, Kumar stayed in Indore and his connection grew deeper.

Some shooting of the film 'Ganga-Jamuna' took place at Balwara railway station. The unit of the film had camped in Balwara. Many important scenes were filmed at the railway station itself. The film's most important scene of train robbery was also shot here. The shooting took place on a meter gauge train at that time.

Further, he stayed in Mandu for one-and-a-half months, during the shooting of the film 'Dil Diya Dard Liya'. He stayed in Mandu and often visited Indore too.

Similarly, Kumar has a deep connection with Saktapur village of Harsud.

Family ties with Nawab Gharana

“Kumar had family ties with the Nawab Gharana,” Ashok Chatterjee, director of Madhya Pradesh School of Drama, said.

During the shooting of 'Naya Daur', Kumar would go hunting with Nawab Hamidullah Sahab of Bhopal. Along with Urdu, English and Hindi language, Kumar also had deep knowledge of Pashtun language.

Election trips

Kumar, who has come to Itarsi to campaign for the election, has had an Itarsi connection with the well-known star of the film world Kumar.

When Indira Gandhi held elections in 1977, Chaudhary Niti Raj Singh was the Congress candidate. Kumar and Johnny Walker had come to Itarsi for election campaign. Congress candidates could not win the election.

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