Rachna Babel
Rachna Babel


Language papers ca​​n be the most scoring papers for students, but if not prepared well, students often lose the most essential score-building marks in them as well. Guiding CBSE Class 12th board students to attempt English examination, subject teacher Rachna Babel shared the following insights:

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Reading: Note Making and Summari​sing


Flamingo: Poets and Pancakes, A Roadside Stand, The Interview, Going Places.

Vistas: The Tiger King, Journey to the End of the Earth, Memories of Childhood

Writing: Poster Making, Business/ Official Letters, Speech, Debate

Paper pattern

The question paper will be divided into two parts: A and B, both sections carrying 40 marks each.

Part A includes all objective type questions (MCQs) based on unseen passages (20 marks) and literature extracts from the textbooks and vocabulary (20 marks). Student must master the skills of reading and interpreting the data at their best so as to achieve a good score in the exams.

Part B also carries 40 marks and comprises all subjective type questions based on Writing Skills (16 marks) and Literature (24 marks).

Writing section includes four questions in all with marks weightage 3+3+5+5 and students will be evaluated on the basis of appropriate format, analysis, fluency of language and appropriacy of style and tone.

Literature section consists of four questions including sub-questions with different categories of (30-40 words) and (120-150 words).

Student preparation guide

Ø Reading plays a very important role in learning a language so be systematic and conscious while allotting time to enhance your reading skills to score high in examination.

Ø Whenever take breaks from your other subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Accountancy to refresh and re-energi​s​e yourself, devote the time in reading a chapter or summary of a poem, mark a new word if you come across and find the meaning to enrich your vocabulary.

Ø Try to read the questions and answers of chapters one by one so as to gain more insight in the literary texts that will certainly help you in writing your literature answers in exam. Plan your routine that allows one hour regularly for the English language.

Ø It’s very important to familiari​s​e yourself with the content of the literature texts so keep revising the summary and you will be able to answer the analytical as well as content questions in this section of the English Paper.

Ø Take 15-20 minutes to practice one format of your writing skill topics daily and try to be presentable in the formats of letters, advertisements etc. A good presentation always helps you gain more marks even for a run-of-the-mill content.

Ø Be tactful while solving unseen passages as they are very scoring. Use skimming, scanning and intensive reading strategies as and when required. Avoid spending too much time on one question, if you get confused; leave it, solve the question when the paper gets completed.

Ø Read carefully the questions for writing skills as they are always thought provoking, once you finish reading you will find that all your best ideas are getting developed through the process of writing. So no extra time will be required in thinking before writing.

Ø To attempt the questions of characterization try to quote a line or two from the text exhibiting the character’s qualities and ensure that you have substantiated your points well for the different character traits.

Ø Sample papers are available on the CBSE website, practice solving the paper within the stipulated time. It will be of great help to boost confidence for the upcoming exams.

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