Indore: The police on Friday obtained a vital clue in connection with Rs 27 lakh stolen from the car of a Loha Mandi trader. The CCTVs footage recovered from the spot revealed that the theft was committed by a child. CCTVs installed in the near localities are being examined to find clue about the suspect. Juni Indore police station incharge Devendra Kumar said that while checking the CCTVs, a child was seen carrying the bag, which is the same bag kept inside the car. The boy is suspected to be part of gang, which encouraged him to commit theft. According to police, it is assumed that there is a gang involved in the case, which forces minors to attempt a robbery. Police are scanning CCTVs to find the clue though more than 150 CCTV footages were checked.

The incident took place in front of New Sardar Steel shop in Loha Mandi at 8.30 pm. Shop owner Amarjeet Singh Chhabra and his son Rashmit were out of the shop with the bag containing Rs 27.25 lakh. They noticed a tyre of their car deflated, so they called one of their shop employees to change it. Amarjeet had kept the bag on rear seat of the car. While the shop employee was changing the wheel, four youths came near the car and started fighting. One among the four was crying and was begging for help. Seeing that Amarjeet and his son went to help him. It is assumed that when Amarjeet and his son went to help the boy, their bag of cash was stolen. The incident took place about 400 metres away from police station but police took half-an-hour to reach the spot.