Indore: ‘Pinto has an Idea’: Read to find solution to everyday problems in India

Indore: With a dream of settling down in Indore after retirement and living life as a full-time author, 45-year-old programme director in a cloud computing company Rajeev Saxena had his first book ‘Pinto has an Idea’ published recently amid much appreciation.

During his visit to the city on Tuesday, he shared his ideas, dreams, life and story with Free Press. “I always wanted to become an author and I have finally taken the route that would lead me there,” Saxena said.

He wrote stories and articles for his institute and company magazine whenever he got chance. “I remember that most of my stories end up having a humorous twist whether in story or in the making of story,” Saxena said.

His interest towards writing popped up every time he saw an opportunity of getting it published. “In IIT Kanpur, we had an institute magazine where they used to accept articles and so, I sent them a few,” Saxena said.

Completing his education, he became engrossed in making his way up the ladder of success in the corporate world. “I travelled a lot and got chance to live in West Indies, South Africa and currently, I stay in America,” Saxena said.

As his life settled, his dream of becoming an author rose again. “It took me much longer than most people, I wrote this book in three years finding time from my busy schedule,” Saxena said. However, writing is just a part of becoming an author. “It is more difficult to commercialise the manuscript and form a book,” Saxena said.

Applying to 30 publishers, he finally got an offer from two. “It took a year, but I got lucky to be published by renowned publisher,” Saxena said.

The story of his book revolves around a scientist who finds innovative ways to solve everyday problems in India. “We have VIP culture in India and exception to VIPs, none of us like it but how can we solve it, is the question,” Saxena said.

He explained that the scientist comes up with interesting solutions to such basic problems that are faced by people. “It is possible to reverse the trend and make VIPs give away their status and such are the ideas shared in the book,” Saxena said.

Many other topics like transport, logistics, charity, dealing with natural disasters are also covered in the book. “I have mentioned places where I have stayed as they are somewhere close to my experience,” Saxena concluded.

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