Indore performed well in saving vaccines too, has saved over 3248 vaccine doses since June 21
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Indore: Along with creating a record of vaccinating the highest number of people in a day, Indore has also performed well in saving the ‘Elixir’ from the wastage.

The overall percentage of vaccine wastage in Indore since June 21 is -1 percent i.e. health employees have vaccinated more doses than the supplied doses to them.

Explaining the same, Dr Jadia said, “Negative percentage in vaccine wastage implies that we have used more vaccines than the allotted one. It could be possible only by the awareness of the staff as it is known that a vaccine vial contains 10 doses but many of them contain 11 doses. Our staff had used the single remaining doses in the vial for vaccinating people with which we didn’t waste any doses but saved them.”

Dr Jadia said that they could vaccinate over 6 lakh people since June 21 and could save about 3284 doses of vaccine which is a good number in terms of total number of vaccine doses administered. The official also informed about vaccinating people on the spot for saving the doses of open vials of vaccine.

When going through percentage wise in saving wastage, Barwani district is on top as their wastage doses percent is -6 and they could save about 4610 doses. Hoshangabad, Sehore, Dhar, and Shivpuri also saved more vaccine doses than Indore.

Bhopal wasted over 59336 doses

The State capital Bhopal also topped the chart but for wrong reasons as the district has wasted the highest number of vaccine doses since June 21 i.e. 59336. The percentage of vaccine wastage is 18 percent in the district followed by Damoh, Alirajpur, Ujjain, Agar, and 10 other districts.

Districts which saved highest vaccine doses

District Doses saved

Barwani 4610

Sehore 4518

Shivpuri 3578

Dhar 3417

Gwalior 3570

Indore. 3284

Districts which wasted highest number of doses

District Wasted doses

Bhopal 59336

Ujjain 14138

Damoh 4185

Morena 3619

Jabalpur 3377

Narsinghpur 2794

Indore gets 68000 doses more

There is not much relief for the people, who are waiting for the vaccination drive in the city, as the city has got only 68000 doses for Thursday.

“We have received about 68000 doses for running the drive on Thursday. We will launch a number of sites as per the available vaccines. We will get more doses on Friday to run the drive on Saturday.

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