Indore city
Indore city
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​Owning your dream house has become a little more difficult as ​there is a proposal to hike registration fees by an average 18.21 per cent from April 1 in the city. This means a buyer will have to shell out an additional Rs 1.15 lakh for a property of Rs 50 lakhs. ​The highest ​increase of ​21.62% ​has been proposed for properties located from LIG-MIG to Vijay Nagar, Nipania, Dewas Road​ and Bypass.

A meeting ​​of the District Valuation Committee was called to fix​ the guideline ​rate ​for registration of properties in Indore​ district for financial year 2021-22. ​Collector Manish Singh, who is also chairman of the committee, MLA Mahendra Hardia,​ ​officers of ​registration department, ​IDA, MP Housing Board, TNCP and other​ related​ ​departments were present in the meeting.

​At the meeting, it ​was proposed to​ increase the guideline ​rate ​by an average of 18.21% for the year 2021-22​ keeping in view the expansion of the city and the government's need to maximise revenue. Suggestions​\objections​ have​ ​been invited on the proposed guideline till 5:30 pm on March 17.

BK More, ​s​enior ​r​egistrar​ informed that the proposed guideline can be seen in all the offices of ​d​istrict ​r​egistrar and ​d​eputy ​r​egistrars of the district.​Collector Singh directed that the guideline should​ be finali​s​ed ​only ​after extensive analysis.

It should be kept in mind that there should be an increase in revenue from the guideline, ​but the common people should not be inconvenienced in any way. He informed that​ after going through the suggestions, the guideline rate would be finalised. MLA Hardia said that a more detailed study should be done before​ finalised the guideline.

It was informed at the meeting that the name​s of 365 new colonies and locations in the district ​would be added ​to the guideline for 2021-22. Out of this, 185 colonies ​are of the city, ​28 from ​Mhow , ​139 from ​Sanw​e​r and 13 colonies ​from​​ ​Depalpur region.

MIG to Vijay Nagar and Nipania​ ​become​s​ most expensive

The committee has recommended 16.21% rise in registration charge​s​ in​ the central part of the city, which ​is between ​Rajwada to Annapurna and​ Rau​.​​ A ​19.29 ​per cent rise is proposed for the properties located from​ around Dhak​k​anwala ​K​uan to Palda ​R​oad​, ​​Bhanwarkuan. The highest 21.62%​ rise is proposed for properties located from LIG-MIG to Vijay Nagar,​ Nipania, Dewas Road to Bypass. 18.52% rise is proposed for the​ properties located at Aerodrome Road to Super Corridor.​
​Senior registrar ​More said ​guideline rates are being increased after five years. In 2019, the registration charges had been reduced by 20 per cent.​

The district is very important ​for the state in terms of​ revenue collection. About 22 per​ ​cent of Madhya Pradesh's​ ​revenue comes from the district. ​

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