Indore: One ‘flu’ over the crow’s nest, Sunset for crows as they feast on delicacies

Pintu Namdev

Indore: Birds are dying in the city as well as in the state and nationwide due to Avian Flu. Reportedly, the birds in the city are dying from H5N8 (a sub type of bird flu virus). Despite this crisis and coupled with the Covid-19 menace, people in the city are at risk of getting infected from Influenza A virus as they are feeding birds at different areas in the city without maintaining safety protocols.

A crowd of people was noticed at Rajkumar Bridge, Krishnapur Chhatri, Regal Square and in Rajwada area. People are not following distancing from birds and were seen touching the surfaces on which these birds are resting or eating.

According to information, H5N8 is considered one of the less pathogenic subtypes for humans, it is beginning to become more pathogenic.H5N8 has previously been used in place of the highly pathogenic H1N1 in studies. While H5N8 presents only a low risk to humans, it is highly lethal to wild birds and poultry.

What are the symptoms of bird flu in human?



Respiratory difficulties

Fever (over 100.4°F or 38°C)





Runny nose

Sore throat

What causes bird flu in human?

H5N1 occurs naturally in wild waterfowl, but it can spread easily to domestic poultry. The disease is transmitted to humans through contact with infected bird feces, nasal secretions, or secretions from the mouth or eyes.

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