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Indore: On National Cancer Awareness Day experts assured that most cancers preventable, only needs lifestyle changes

ICF launches awareness song to mark the day

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India shares the burden of over 13.25 lakh new cancer cases every year with nearly 85,000 deaths even when 40 per cent of cancer cases are preventable.

“Tobacco being the largest ‘preventable’ cause of 15 different cancers while obesity is the leading cause of 13 types of cancers and alcohol can cause 5 types of cancers including head and neck cancer, esophageal, liver, breast, and colorectal cancer,” said by National Chairman-IMA Cancer Prevention and Tobacco Control Committee.

He was addressing a national webinar organised by Indian Medical Association to observe National Cancer Awareness day on Sunday.

Dr Acharya added that consumption of tobacco and alcohol, and obesity are lifestyle issues and it also refers to cancer as a lifestyle disease that can be prevented with changes in lifestyle.

He also appealed to the government to sponsor the vaccination for cervical cancer and to add it to the national immunisation programme to eliminate the disease from the country.

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//ICF releases awareness song\\

Indore Cancer Foundation has released an awareness song on cancer on the occasion of National Cancer Awareness Day, on Sunday.

The song was released by Member of Parliament Shankar Lalwani in the presence of founder president of foundation Dr Digpal Dharkar, Padmashri Janak Palta, trustee Purushottam Pasari, Suchitra Dhanani, Dr Saket Jati, and others.

The song was written by Dr Dharkar and it was sung by singer Kapil Purohit.

“The awareness song is based on an easy way of learning about various types of cancer and people can recognize the symptoms at an early stage to get early treatment of the disease which is the key to saving lives,” Dr Dharkar said.

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Published on: Monday, November 08, 2021, 12:27 AM IST