Indore: “We Care For You cell” of Crime Branch Indore arrested a man from Lucknow for asking his Indore-based wife Rs10 lakh in cash and for harassing and beating her. Senior Superintendent of Police Ruchivardhan Mishra received a complaint on an email where a woman stated that she got married in 2013 to Rajdeep Shrivastava of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. After few weeks of marriage couple began to fight. The complainant said that Rajdeep started threatening and beating her and started demanding Rs10 lakh in cash. Later, couple got separated and woman came back to her maternal resident in Indore.

After investigation by the team of “We Care For You”, it was revealed that the young woman was working in a private company in Noida. There she met a person named Rajdeep Shrivastava who was also an employee in the same company. Later they got married and started working in the US. Rajdeep started harassing and threatened her of dire consequences in the US. In 2017, when couple came to back Lucknow from the US to attend a family function, Rajdeep assaulted her and demanded Rs10 lakh from her. He also threatened to kill her infant baby, the woman added in her complaint.

Senior Superintendent of Police Ruchivardhan Mishra acting on the complaint sent on email instructed ‘We Care For You’ cell to take appropriate action in the case. Acting upon SSP’s instruction, Superintendent of Police (Headquarters) Avadesh Kumar Goswami sent a team to Lucknow. The cell team arrested Rajdeep and handed him over to the Kanadiya police where the case was registered. Accused Rajdeep Shrivastava confessed that he has demanded money from his wife for his brother’s wedding. The accused also admitted that he had threatened his wife of dire consequences.