​Indore: Health dept achieves 95% vaccination target​


Amid server issues and other technical glitches, the health department could achieve 95 per​ ​cent of the vaccination ​target ​on Monday. The department had increased the target of vaccination from 500 to 3​,​200 and ​managed to inoculate as many as 3​,​027 beneficiaries.

Moreover, the department has decided to speed up the vaccination programme of health workers and will increase the number of sessions to 60 from Wednesday so that 6​,​000 beneficiaries ​could be ​innoculated in one day.

“As we are working on the new strategy to avoid wasting the vaccines of the open vials, we achieved over 95 per​ ​cent of the target. We had decided to give vaccine to those in the queue from the open vial instead of discarding the same and the strategy paid off,” in-charge ​c​hief ​m​edical and ​h​ealth ​o​fficer Dr Purnima Gadaria said.

She added that they will follow the same strategy in the coming days to achieve more targets and finish the first phase of vaccinating the health workers.

Dr Gadaria also said that the vaccination couldn’t be started at many sites due to server issues and was even logged out at 5 pm in many sessions. “We had added beneficiaries and vaccinated those in the session and updated the application for avoiding wasting time as well as the vaccine,” she said.

29 per​ ​cent beneficiaries added later

Out of ​the ​expected 3​,​200 people, over 750 people didn’t appear while health workers added more beneficiaries in the ongoing session to avoid wasting vaccines.

“About 968 beneficiaries were added in the ongoing sessions. As we already queued 100 more beneficiaries of the institute where centr​e​s are made, we called those in waiting and achieved the target” Dr Gadaria said.

100 per​ ​cent target achieved at Choithram Hospital

Deputy ​d​irector (​m​edical ​s​ervices) of Choithram Hospital Dr Amit Bhatt said that they could achieve 100 per​ ​cent as vaccinated 200 beneficiaries in two sessions.

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