Updated on: Thursday, December 23, 2021, 09:26 AM IST

Indore: Health department preparations exposed during mock drill

Sanwer plant produces oxygen of 1-2 % purity. Mhow’s plant could not start after a power cut. Work of Hukumchand Polyclinic pending, PC Sethi requires a new transformer.

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The ministry of health and family welfare has alerted the states to activate ‘War Rooms’ to keep vigil on the rising number of Covid cases, but the tall claims of the district administration and health department of being ready for every situation fell flat on Wednesday when four oxygen plants did not run during a mock drill.

Moreover, one of the oxygen plants could run for only a few minutes but could not get started again after a power cut. Similarly, one of plants in Sanwer, the constituency area of Cabinet minister Tulsi Silawat, could not run as it could produce the oxygen of only 1-2 per cent purity.

The district administration had claimed it has installed about 48 oxygen plants in various hospitals in the district, including 12 oxygen plants in government set-ups. The administration and health department had claimed that most of the oxygen plants were running, but the work of the oxygen plant could not be completed even when the city is on the verge of a third wave of Covid-19.


Plant produces O2 of 1-2% purity

§ The oxygen plant of Sanwer could not run during the mock drill as it took time to get started and when started, it could not produce the oxygen of more than 1-2 per cent purity.

§ Health officials in Sanwer said the plant was running well until a couple of days ago, but it could not perform during the mock drill.

§ They claimed to have informed the technicians, as well as the chief medical and health officer about the same.


Plant could run only for couple of hours

§ The oxygen plant in Mhow’s Civil Hospital could not run for more than a couple of hours and it could not get started after a power cut.

§ In-charge of the Civil Hospital, Mhow, Dr HR Verma informed the chief medical and health officer that the compressor of the plant could not be started after the power cut and the panel showed a voltage error.

§ He also claimed to have called the engineer and technician for the same.

Hukumchand Polyclinic

Work is not completed so far

§ State government had ordered to set up oxygen plants in June and directed the responsible officials to complete the work in a couple of months.

§ However, the work for installation of the oxygen plant in Hukumchand Polyclinic could not be completed as the officials said that the work of two-three days is still pending

§ ‘The work of the plant will be completed in two-three days as it’s in its final phase,’ Dr Ashutosh Sharma told the media.

PC Sethi Hospital

Work of power cable, transformer pending

§ While the oxygen plant of Government PC Sethi Hospital was started during the mock drill, the work of the power cable, panel and transformer is still pending.

§ According to the officials, the plant requires more power to supply the oxygen for ventilators and the hospital has written to the Discom for installing one more transformer for the same.

§ ‘We’ve written to the Discom for the work and approval has already been given by the department. Our plant is running but requires installation of panels,’ in-charge Dr Hemant Dwivedi said.

CMHO couldn’t be contacted

Chief medical and health officer Dr BS Saitya could not be contacted for his comments on the ill preparations of the department as his phone was switched off. He did not respond to an SMS either.

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Published on: Thursday, December 23, 2021, 09:26 AM IST