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Indore: Gouri Inani, Sambhav Jain break all previous records with 99.6% in CBSE Class 10 Board exam

Though the pass per​ ​cent recorded this year is ​unexpectedly high, Bhopal region stands at 9th position among 16 regions ​of CBSE.
City topper Sambhav Jain and his mother   | FP Photo

City topper Sambhav Jain and his mother | FP Photo



​In a spectacular show, city students have broken all previous records of top scores​ in the CBSE's Class X Board, with two students getting 99.6 per cent.​

Gouri Inani and Sambhav Jain were the top scorers​ and they missed the 100 per​ ​cent mark by ​a mere 0.4 per​ ​cent. ​No exams were held this year due to corona pandemic and schools have allotted the marks ​based on ​a formula provided by ​CBSE​.​

In region-wise comparison, Bhopal region that covers the entire Madhya Pradesh state was among the lowest-performing regions. Though the pass per​ ​cent recorded this year is ​unexpectedly high, Bhopal region stands at 9th position among 16 regions ​of CBSE.

Bhopal region’s passing percentage stood at 99.47 per​ ​cent, while Trivandrum recorded the highest passing percentage at 99.99 per​ ​cent.

This year, a total of 21,13,767 candidates registered for the ​Class 10 exams, of which results of 20,97,128 students have been released.

This year, the CBSE ​Class 10 students have recorded an overall pass percentage of 99.04% which is a good increase from 2020​, when the ​passing percentage​ was ​91.46​.​ ​

Gender-wise performance in CBSE 10th Result 2021

In the CBSE Board Class X Result 2021, girls performed better with a passing percentage of 99.24 whereas, boys secured 98.89 per cent. For transgender students, however, the pass percentage was recorded at 100 per cent. Class 10 result of around 16,639 students’ results is under process, dates of their result release will be announced later.

City’s Top Scorers

Goal-oriented study & music to relax

“I did not expect the score. I was sure that it will be over 96 percentile for sure. But with 99.6 per​ ​cent, I am over the moon. ​Though the percentile ​of toppers ​is increasing ​every ​​year, but this is amazing!.

I want to work in the field of software and hardware engineering. I like to sing and listen to music. I can play piano and often do it, to feel good. I was at home most of the time due to the pandemic. Same house… same screen, it was too monotonous.

My mom really supported me. She helped me by engaging me in different activities. We engaged in exercises. I would play virtual multiplayer games with my friends. Before the exam, we must learn to be confident and optimistic. I studied at regular intervals, took breaks and kept my schedule flexible. My study approach is more goal-oriented. I usually had 4 to 5 hours of self​-​study time every day.” (SAMBHAV JAIN - 99.6%))

​​Focused on becoming a doc

“I studied for eight hours in a day. The trick that has helped me in scoring well all my school life is ​a ​systematic study schedule. I want to become a doctor.

I come from a family of doctors. I would have scored almost the same even if exams were conducted. I was even covid-19 positive during the pandemic. It was tough, but I just took a break for a day from my studies.

My only aim and interest is to become a doctor, like my grandfather Dr Brijmohan Inani, father Dr Ram Inani and mother Dr Aruna Inani.” (GOURI INANI - 99.6 %)

Conti​stent ​efforts, missed school

“I never imagined this! I score​d​ 98​% ​in ​C​lass 9, but ​getting this score in ​Class 10th is big! Despite the pandemic, I maintained my efforts and studied for 4 hour​s​ after classes.

I want to become a ​c​hartered ​a​ccountant. I have been attracted towards accountancy for a couple of years now. Online classes were a bit hard.

Physical school is more effective, but now, we are use​d​ to ​online classes. Of course, the environment and vibes in school are different.” (NAINA SINGHAL - 99.4%

Research in ​m​edical is my calling

“I am very happy. I was expecting above 99​ % ​and got 0.4 more! I got 98.2% in ​C​lass 9th. Before that in ​C​lass 8th, I had scored 97.5%. So, following the trend, 99% is good.

I want to do research in ​the ​medical stream. I have​ an ​inclination towards it. I have chosen PCBM (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math) for further studies. During pandemic, interaction with peers was much less.

Before pandemic, I would refresh myself with family outings, but that was gone too. My sister (Pragya) and parents helped. I drew pictures and watched cricket for entertainment.” (SOUMYA KUMAR - 99.4%)

(ASHMIT JAIN - 99.2%)

Persistent practi​c​e ​reaps goods ​rewards

“I have always scored well, because of hard work and commitment to studies. I hope to become a doctor just like my parents. I have taken PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) for further studies.

We all sailed through the pandemic, as we have to be prepared for this as a doctor. I love playing badminton, football, drawing and reading.

I am more inclined towards academic activities. I think for good marks, you need persistently practi​c​e different types of questions.” (ASHMIT JAIN - 99.2%)

Hard work eventually pays off...

“I am super happy. I was super stressed until the result came out. I had ​struggled initially adapting to the new ​online teaching ​after ​C​ovid-19. However, my school handled it well and provided support. I got a lot of support from my family and friends.

Pandemic stresses were there, but it all came together. I am not sure about what I want to become yet.

I am interested in astrophysics. A lot of people feel they are not doing enough or lagging behind peers during examinations, but we have to keep faith in ourselves and eventually, everything does pay off.”(ANAHITA NAIDU -99.2%)

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