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Indore: ‘Gata rahein…Bollywood songs are all about zindagi’

Webinar organised by Indore Management Association.
Prof. Dr Vijay Sukhwani, while addressing a webinar |

Prof. Dr Vijay Sukhwani, while addressing a webinar |


Indore: The lyrics in Bollywood songs express a plethora of emotions and feelings that bring back memories and nostalgia. Songs convey a positive message of never giving-up and moving forward in life. These management lessons help in expanding business horizons
and the extremely popular songs motivate our society also.

These were expressed by Prof. Dr Vijay Sukhwani, while addressing a webinar organised by Indore Management Association’s Center of Excellence on the subject
‘Life lessons from Bollywood songs’. Dr Sukhwani is a professor of
Mechanical Engineering at Engineering college of Ujjain, but he has
extremely deep knowledge of Hindi Cinema too. He has done his PhD. from
IIT Bombay. He is also a motivational speaker, trainer, poet and a
film critic.
The session throughout mentioned how Bollywood songs enlightened the spirit of life and explored how it influenced generations through its soulful music and meaningful lyrics.
Dr. Sukhwani said Hindi films offer a variety of songs. A commercial Hindi film is incomplete without its song. Would you believe, there were 71 songs in an old Hindi movie ‘Indrasabha’ released in 1932.
Songs of Hindi cinema are generally considered as the greatest source
of entertainment for the Indian society. But the magic of those classics
is not limited to just giving us good music. Thousands of great Songs
have been written for various situations in Hindi cinema and these renditions showcased different aspects pertaining to life.
With time, Bollywood has created so many great motivational &
philosophical songs which are classics from literary point of view and
also teach us some important lessons of life management impart
motivation and inspire us to do our best to succeed.
There are many immortal songs especially old classic. These fabulous songs from the golden era of Bollywood have answers to some of life’s most pressing issues as well.
These songs not only brighten our day but leave us with some hard
hitting life lessons that could otherwise, culminate only through
years of experience and perseverance.
The struggle of life has been brought to life creatively by lyricists. Songs about overcoming odds and facing life are exceedingly popular in Bollywood.
A number of Bollywood songs convey positive messages through the
harsh realities of life. Bollywood movies of the 50s, 60s and 70s
showcased a variety of mesmerizing songs pertaining to life but
unfortunately in recent movies, the number of songs about life is few,
different songs about the journey of life have evoked thought
provoking sentiments associated with man’s personal struggles in
different phases. It’s the meaningful and truthful accounts conveyed
through lyrics of songs about life that inspire and impact individuals
at various levels.

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Published on: Thursday, December 10, 2020, 12:19 AM IST