Indore: Doctors at Government PC Sethi Hospital save 22-year-woman from postpartum haemorrhage

Indore: Doctors of Government PC Sethi Hospital have given a new lease of life to a 22-year-old pregnant woman by performing a complex postpartum hysterectomy, on Monday evening.

Any delay in performing the procedure and delay in taking the decision to remove her uterus may have proved fatal to her.

Patient Pinki Jitendra, resident of Dwarkapuri reached the hospital on Monday morning with labor pain.

“The patient was suffering from high blood pressure due to which we had to go through a caesarian section for the patient. The delivery was done well but excessive bleeding started from her uterus due to postpartum hemorrhage as she had uterine atony ie failure of the uterus to contract adequately following delivery,” senior gynecologist Dr Urmila Tiwari said.

Sudden diagnosis of postpartum hemorrhage was shocking as her uterus was not contracting again after which we decided to remove the uterus, added the doctor.

“We arranged blood from MY Hospital with the help of Dr Sumit Shukla and Dr Ashok Yadav and immediately performed the procedure which lasted for over three hours. Now, both the mother and baby are safe,” sais Dr Tiwari adding “It was first of its kind procedure in PC Sethi Hospital as it is normal with big facilities but was a challenging one with small medical facility with limited equipment and staff.”

Dr Ayushi, Dr Suneeta Bhatnagar, Dr Rekha Pipliya, and Dr Urvashi too played an important role in the procedure.

PPH accounts for 27 percent of mother mortality

Dr Tiwari said that postpartum hemorrhage accounts for 27 percent of deaths of mothers post-delivery. The most common cause for the same is no contraction of uterus post delivery while other reasons may be tearing in the cervix or tissues of the vagina, tear in a blood vessel in the uterus, bleeding into a hidden tissue area or space in the pelvis, blood clotting disorders and others.

“We used to train medical staff for treating the disorder in the hospital as well,” she added.

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