District Health Officer Dr Purnima Gadaria
District Health Officer Dr Purnima Gadaria

It's tough times and Covid frontline workers' patience can run thin, more so when they have to face the wrath of honchos despite relentless efforts. And that is what happened on Wednesday when two doctors resigned from their services after they could not take ill treatment of administrative officials any longer.

District Health Officer Dr Purnima Gadaria alleged ill treamtent by Collector Manish Singh while medical officer of Manpur Dr RS Tomar alleged that SDM Abhilash Mishra was occasionally rude with him due to which he decided to call it quits.

Dr Gadaria has sent her resignation to the Commissioner, Health Department and to the Collector.

“I am depressed with the ill treament by Collector Manish Singh. He uses foul language and had threatened to suspend me. On Wednesday, he called me and told me that he will suspend me and asked me to resign. I was fed up of his behavior due to which I resigned,” Dr Gadaria said.

She added that he (the Collector) often called health department officers useless.

“He used foul language in a meeting a couple of days ago and also on Wednesday during a call,” the DHO said.

Replying to the question of resigning during COVID crisis, Dr Gadaria said she has been working during the COVID crisis for the last one-and-a-half years and worked as CMHO for more than three months.

“I am not submitting my resignation willingly but I cannot take such insults anymore,” she added.

Meanwhile, Free Press tried to connect Collector Manish Singh but he didn’t respond to the calls to comment on the matter.

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr BS Saitya too skipped the queries over the incident.

Manpur MO depressed by SDM’s behavior

Manpur Medical Officer Dr RS Tomar too sent his resignation to Chief Medical and Health Officer, Indore and he mentioned in his resignation that he was depressed by the misbehavior of SDM Abhilash Mishra.

“I cannot bear the misbehavior and insult by the SDM. I am a diabetic and a heart patient but I am carrying out my duties with dedication. I am unable to handle misbehavior of Mishra due to which I am resigning,” Tomar mentioned in his letter.

Meanwhile, SDM Mishra told Free Press that it is his duty to direct officials to work .

“Allegation of misbehavior is false. I have to ask the officials to work and it is my work to ensure proper facilities to the patients,” Mishra said.

Not maiden incident

Resignation by doctors after rude behavior by officials or politicians is not a new thing. A few days ago, Dr AP Shrivastava had resigned after Congress leader PC Sharma in Bhopal unleashed his wrath on him.

Earlier, Collector Manish Singh had insulted the then CMHO Dr Pravin Jadia in a meeting at Collectorate after which Dr Jadia had fallen ill and was seen weeping when he came out of the meeting. Later, Jadia had gone through a heart surgery.

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