Indore: Development nod granted to Malwa Vanaspati land revoked

Indore: Following the verified complaints of wrongdoings and irregularities, the development permissions given to disputed Malwa Vanaspati and Chemicals Private Limited for building the factory was revoked. The permissions were given by the Town and Country Planning
Department. In this entire project a sitting MLA of the city is allegedly
directly involved.

The defunct factory is located in Bhagirathpura Industrial area close to Laxmibai Nagar Railway Station. It is wrangled in disputes for the last few years. Even the Income Tax Deparatment conducted the search operations on certain individuals involved in the land of the factory.

Out of a total area of 11.484 hectares, on 9.584 hectares permission was revoked in view of the violation of the conditions imposed in the development permit. In this regard, Joint Director, Town and Country Investment Office have issued the order. On December 7, 2018, a conditional development permit was issued for the factory use on 9.584 hectare land. Permission was unsubstantiated as per condition Number 8 of the development license granted in this regard. Also, in the said permission, it was said that the sale of plots of the land demarcated as per condition number 16 will not be valid and only the built-up area can be sold and public parking on the land and the Minimum Open Space sales will be restricted.

On June 26, three sales letters were executed by them and registered, through which unit number C-3 of the land in question, land of C-4 and C-5 was sold. The said sales letters sold the land and the alleged plinth built on it as the seller, while the photo attached to the sales letter found it clear that the plinth has not been built and some pits, footings and two on the site there are columns at three places. Plots have been sold through the above mentioned sale letters is in clear violation of the Condition Number 16 of the permissions given to them, while only the built-up area could be
sold. It is noteworthy that development permission was given for use
of flattened factory, according to which the construction of the
building and selling of the units on different floors. Thus a clear
violation of the permission no. 16.

The investigation revealed that the layout development plan of the land along with the sales letters was not approved by any authority or local body. The license granted was completely different from the layout. In this way, the notarized layout was clearly attached to the sales letters, which had no statutory basis. This revealed the intention of getting the benefit of undue funds and selling outside the rules / permissions.

For this reason, by obtaining permission for development of factory, the plots were sold with the intention of making illegal
profits in violation of them.

Third major decision within 8 days

The decision of the revocation of the permissions given to Malwa Vanaspati and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is the third major decision in the city in the last 8 days. Few days back the district administration imposed penalty of Rs 5 cr. on an illegal mining. The mine is supposed to belong brother of MLA of the city. On last Sunday District Administration demolished the illegal structure of the disputed Computer Baba located near Airport. Malwa Vanspati is the third one in this row, where also a MLA is supposed to be involved from behind the curtain.

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