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Indore: Deficient amenities at railway station irks DRM, seeks explanation


Indore: Divisional Railway Manager (DRM), on Tuesday, got first-hand experience of various amenities on offer at city railway station under ‘pay and use scheme’. The experience left him quite angry. The taps were available but water supply was missing. Complaints of overcharging and missing rate list too irked the officer.

In fact, Ratlam DRM Manoj Sharma’s sudden arrival at the railway station had its genesis in complaints that had been pouring in steadily.  A deep frown on his face was evident as his inspected ‘pay and use’ toilets on platform number one opposite ticket window. During a reality check, he found that passengers were being charged Rs 10 for the use of toilets. Free urinals were out-of-bound for passengers. Absence of water supply only added to his overall dissatisfaction.

Sources said that ‘Pay and Use’ facility operator had stopped water supply in toilets and urinals to reduce water bill. The officer concerned and the operator was reprimanded for dismal state of facilities.  Though a few of operator’s associates tried to deny overcharging but were brushed aside.


At parcel office, Sharma found an unauthorised place of worship and ordered officials to remove the structure within an hour. He also inquired about Chief Parcel officer Anil Trivedi skipping office without information.

The DRM had also received complaints of overcharging and non-issuance of four-wheeler parking tickets near platform no.1. During inspection, however, all parked vehicles had tickets. However, during minute examination, it was found that all tickets had been issued within a span of few minutes.

Sources claimed that the parking contractor had been tipped off about DRM’s inspection. Hence, he distributed tickets to drivers.


DRM also inquired about progress of escalator. Construction of ceiling of escalator’s structure will begin next month. Later, talking to reporters, Sharma said that he had detected anomalies at ‘pay and use’ facility and has sought explanation from officials concerned.

CRS inspection on March 31

Commissioner Railway Safety (CRS) Sushil Chandra will conduct safety inspection of electrification work on 22-km long Indore-Mhow section on March 31. Electrification of the section was completed on March 15.


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