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The supply of oxygen to the city from the neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Gujarat may be hit in the coming days as the governments in these two states have issued instructions to stop the export of oxygen as they feel that they would need it themselves to tackle the rising number of cases in their respective states.
​​Administrative sources​ ​informed that ​Gujarat and Maharashtra governments have directed ​their respective ​plants that 80% of the oxygen​ should be given to hospitals in the same states and the remaining 20%​ oxygen ​can be used ​for industries or ​any other purpose​.​ The local officials came to know of this development when they talked to local manufacturers and other supplies who procure it from these two states.​ ​A senior administrative officer in the city ​is keeping tabs on the situation and trying to procure it from other sources.

​This is bad news for Madhya Pradesh as it majorly depends on the supply of oxygen from these two neighbouring states, and it comes at a time when cases in the city are rising rapidly.​ Oxygen is crucial for treating serious Covid-19 patients. The supply of oxygen from local sources is very low and it is very difficult to ramp up production on short notice.

Right now, the ​local ​administration has made special arrangements for the​ supply of oxygen to the hospitals ​to treat serious patients and has issued orders to the oxygen supplier​s​ and producers ​not to divert oxygen for industrial purpose.​

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