Indore: 28 city hospitals to setup own oxygen plants

Indore: As many as 28 hospitals in the city reportedly have agreed to setup their own oxygen production plants during a meeting with water resource minister Tulsiram Silawat on Friday.

The in-principal acceptance came to a proposal put forth by the minister who stated that the hospitals should stop counting on government for their oxygen needs and must become self-reliant.

Silawat had convened meeting of hospital operators at Residency Kothi on Friday following shortage of oxygen and drugs during Covid-19 crisis.

For the timebeing, getting tankers airlifted by Indian Air Force plane and pressing the Oxygen Express into service cannot be in the scheme of things for a long-term. These are costly measures and can be done during the crisis period. To have a "conducive atmosphere" and to face all crises in future, the plan to make hospitals self-reliant is the only solution to tide over fresh crisis situations. However, the logistics have to be planned properly keeping the security of the unit in mind and maintenace of the same. There should be regular checking of these plants and the admin/police must adopt an attitude of zero tolerance towards negligence.

In the meeting, Silawat stated that the Covid-19 crisis is an eye-opener for hospitals that they can’t bank on government for their oxygen needs.

“It’s high time that all hospitals decide to setup their own oxygen production plants. We as a government will give subsidy in taxes for setting up oxygen plants,” he added.

Silawat said that he has discussed their matter with Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan. “We may give exemption in GST or other taxes if hospitals setup oxygen generation plants on their premises,” he added.

Most private hospital operators present in the meeting agreed on the need to setup an oxygen plant. 28 of them gave in principal acceptance to the minister’s proposal.

Three major hospitals, including SAIMS, informed the minister that they have already start work on setting up oxygen generation plants and soon their plants will see light of the day.

How oxygen is prepared at plants?

Medical oxygen generation plants, based on a technology known as Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA), absorb nitrogen from the air and extracts oxygen for supply to specific facilities.

While the requirement for oxygen has gone up dramatically during this second wave of the pandemic, a PSA plant that costs around Rs 50 lakh would be adequate for hospitals with a massive number of patients.

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