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Indore: Indian Institute of Technology Indore administration and Students’ Gymkhana have come face to face over student body elections and over the writing of emails to higher authorities outside the institute, including the President of India.

In a recent email, IIT Indore officiating director Prof Neelesh Kumar Jain highlighted “the issues in which students are interfering” and Students’ Gymkhana rebuffing the director's claims.

Jain email reads, “It quite obvious that the present officials of Students' Gymkhana (SG) in general and the present president of SG (Shreyansh Jain) in particular, has been continuously interfering in the institute's issues which are not under the purview of SG thus violating rules, policies, procedures and statutes of the institute. It seems that they haven't carefully read the SG constitution and not even its preambles are being followed.

He stated that the SG president has been continuously violating the instructions of BoG by continuously writing/copying emails to the outside authorities without permission from the competent authority. “DOSA (Dean of student welfare)must clarify whether he has given permissions to the SG president to write emails to outside authorities… If not then such acts constitute indiscipline and he must refer this matter to the disciplinary action committee of the institute,” his email says.

Jain also expressed displeasure over non-conduct of SG elections even after passing of the due date.

“According to the Constitution of SG, the elections for the new officials of SG must have been conducted in March 2021 and new officials must have taken the charge from 1st April 2021. Therefore, SG Constitution has been violated by the present SG officials and DOSA by not conducting the election for the new officials in March 2021.

Written explanation has been sought from DOSA and ADOSA by Jain over the issue. The duo officials have also been instructed to conduct online elections for the new SG officials by July 20.

A day after the director’s email, Students' Gymkhana office-bearers held senate meeting on June 28 and rejected claims made in the email.

On writing emails to higher authorities, the student body said that Statutes of IIT Indore does not prevent them from raising issues with ministry of education.

“IIT Community members can complain to the ministry officials if they are not satisfied with the response from the institute officials/functionaries, and no permission is required for this,” student senate meeting minutes read.

The Students’ senate again passed a resolution that the decision of elections for new Students’ Gymkhana officials will be delayed until later date and a decision will be taken in this matter in due course of time depending upon the situation on the campus, and invoked Students’ Gymkhana to practice self-governance and service to the students of the institute till such time that elections are not announced by Students’ Senate and charge is not handed over to the next constituted Students’ Gymkhana officials.

ABVP sides with student body

ABVP has sided with Students' Gymkhana in its dispute with IIT Indore administration.

ABVP state secretary Ghanshyam Singh said that ABVP been observing the prevailing problem of IIT Indore students. In a memorandum sent to the IIT Indore director via mail, Ghanshyam said whenever any decision is being taken which affects students, the Students’ Gymkhana must be involved at every step.

On Students’ Gymkhana elections, Ghanshyam said that students do not want the institute administration to interfere in the proceedings of the elections of the student body.

ABVP said that the IIT Indore director should resolve the concern of students immediately to maintain a wholesome relationship between the students and administration.

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