IIM- I sends first lot of CAT complaints to Prometric

Dissatisfied candidates meet Rohit Kapoor, seek raw scores

Indore: Even as Indian Institute of Management Indore has sent first lot of complaints, related to common admission test ( CAT)- 2013 to Prometric for redressal, more and more candidates dissatisfied with their results continue to sign online petition seeking revaluation of answer sheets.

IIM- I sends first lot of CAT complaints to Prometric

“ More than 5,200 candidates have signed the petition,” Abhishek Leel, a resident of Jaipur, said. He had reached Indore to join candidates planning to go to IIM Indore for lodging their protest against evaluation process, which they believed was flawed.

A group of 10 candidates reached the IIM Indore, on Monday and met CAT- 2013 convener Rohit Kapoor. IIM Indore media coordinator Akhtar Parvez and chief administrative officer K Thammayya Udupa were also present.

They alleged that the CAT was marred by discrepancies and to supplement their claim they cited number of candidates signing the online petition.Kapoor rejected the number saying it’s high because the same candidates signed the petition multiple times.

He informed the candidates that the institute had got 1300 odd unique applications from candidates. “ We sent first lot of the applications to Prometric, on Friday for verification and validation,” he said adding that the students should rest assure that their interests would not be taken for granted.He, however, reiterated that the examination, assessment and the results preparation system conducted by our partner, Prometric, is robust.

“ There is no scope for any discrepancy.” His claim was not accepted by the candidates as they feel that discrepancies persisted in scaling the scores.A candidate, Purvi Manoot, who obtained 99.6 percentile in quantitative segment got only 58 percentile in VA and LR which put her total score to 92 percentile.

She told Kapoor that she had no idea how come she got such a low percentile in VA and LR section and sought to know her raw score.Kapoor informed her that the institute only got scaled score which it published fairly.

“ Raw scores are with Prometric and it was the one that had scaled the scores from percentage to percentile.” When the students cited a case wherein a coaching institute teacher Gautam Puri had claimed that he had not attempted any question yet he got 55.44 percentile, Kapoor said that he was not alone, there were 19 other candidates who did the same but still managed to get percentile much higher above zero.

“ All 20 candidates got zero marks but when the marks were scaled their percentile were above zero,” he said adding that many candidates who had scored in negative may have also got much above zero percentile.

“ That’s what the percentile process can does,” he explained and cited an example of a pencil- and- paper format CAT wherein a candidate with zero marks had got 85 percentile.

An IIT Indore student Ritish Mandal, who had appeared in the CAT and was among one of the aggrieved students, said: “ He understands the percentile system and the algorithm used for normalization in the CAT but still he said that there would be queries if such instances come and other students who performed well could not make to IIMs.” Asking Ritish to write on his blog on percentile and normalization process so that other candidates can learn from it, Kapoor said: “ One can be sure about his performance, but he/ she can’t underestimate others performance.The others could perform better than that one candidate on the day.”

Students told to give their grievances in writing

Despite Kapoor trying to clear that there was no scope for discrepancies in CAT assessment and evaluation system, the candidates were unconvinced and sought their raw score and the process adopted to scale score.Candidate ash Garg said that they should be told their raw scores else they would not be able to judge themselves.

The candidates also alleged that the IIMs do claim that CAT is transparent but it actually is not. “ How can the CAT transparent when the candidates are not told about the score scaling process and are providedwith their rawscores?,” they asked Kapoor and Parvez. To this, Parvez asked the candidates to apply for whatever information theywant and the IIMIndorewould try to provide them. He, however, cleared that the institute does not have the rawscore and that the decision to disclose rawscore is beyond their jurisdiction. “ Whatwe can do is forward your request to competent body but for that the students need to give their grievances in writing. Wewill try to address your grievances at the earliest,” he added. When candidates sought deadline, theywere suggested to file an RTI application as reply on the application is given on deadlines. But, the students’plight was that the US- based Prometric, which is having their rawscores, does not come under the purview of RTI. “ We arewithin RTI purview,” Parvez said asking students to file RTI applicationwith it.

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