Accused outside police station
Accused outside police station

Guna (Madhya Pradesh): The police on Thursday arrested 6 people including four women who defrauded people on the pretext of marriage. Five persons are still at large.

Those arrested are Mamta Ahirwar 30, Neelam Rekwar, 28, Preeti Uike, 27 Priyanka Chouhan, 27, Raheesh 36, and Sonu 28. All the accused were produced before the court from where they were sent to jail. Accused Sonu Shrivastava and Raheesh were sent to police custody.

Their arrest follows a complaint lodged by Lakhan Singh Lodhi, 22, resident of Rupahedi village. He told Superintendent of Police that his father met Kelabai Meena, resident of Vikram Vapcha village, who promised to get his son married in return for money. Lakhan’s family could not find matrimonial match for him and that is why his father contacted Kelabai.

On May 8, Kelabai and her friend Govind Meena, a resident of Veerpura, reached Lateri with Lakhan and his father Naval Lodhi where they met Majvoot Singh Yadav resident of Lateri, Sonu Shrivastava resident of Vaisa Mohalla in Sagar and Mohar Singh Thakur, resident of Guna.

The latter promised to find bride for Lakhan for which they demanded Rs 70,000. After some time Raheesh, resident of Intkhedi in Bhopal, Mamta Ahirwar, resident Kojampur in Sagar and Neelam Rekwar resident Gopalganj in Sagar arrived in a car.

Lakhan’s marriage was fixed with Mamta after Lakhan’s family paid Rs 70,000. Mamta was taken to Rupahedi village where the wedding took place.

After few days, Mamta went to her village saying that her mother was sick. She returned only after taking Rs 1.50 lakh more from her in-laws. Two days later, she again wanted to go to Sagar but her in-laws refused. On May 25, her associates Neelam Rekwar, Raheesh, Preeti Uike, Priyanka Chouhan, Sonu Shrivastava, Mazvoot Singh Yadav, Mohar Singh Thakur and Jagdish Meena arrived and forcefully took away Mamta.

Following Lakhan’s complaint to police, the latter made a plan to bust the gang. The police station incharge contacted the members of gang and took them into confidence. He said he wants his son to get married and is seeking a good life partner for him.

The gang members told him that he will have to pay Rs 1.20 lakh. The SP asked them to bring girls and said he would pay if he finds a girl worthy of marriage with his son. After this, the members of the gang were called to Berasia.

The police in plain clothes reached the place between Berasia and Nazirabad where gang members came in an Innova car. On seeing the boy, they got ready for marriage. After this, four girls of marriageable age were shown to them.

The police caught the gang members there but some of their members fled in Innova car. The police brought all the 6 accused to Madhusudangarh police station and registered a case against them.

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