CA Santosh Muchhal
CA Santosh Muchhal

Indore: We all have some hidden qualities within us. We just need to identify it. Each one of us have a unique quality. All we need is to identify and tap the same. So in 2021, we should
identify our hidden strengths.

This is what CA Santosh Muchhal, said while delivering key-note address in a webinar organised by Indore Management Association’s (IMA) “Centre of
Excellence” on the topic “Begin & Manage 2021 from the learning of
Sunderkand”. CA. Muchhal is the Past President of IMA and Senior
partner at Muchhal & Gupta Associates.

Learnings from the session are

1) Jamwant making Hanumanji realize his powers which he had forgotten.

Lesson: One should have friends (just like Jamwant) and value them as they help one to grow by identifying their hidden potential and
boosting them.

2) Mainak mountain offers help to Shri Hanumanji to take rest while on
his journey to Lanka. Hanuman ji declines the help politely.

Lessons learnt:
* Be focused towards your goal
* Don’t give up until you reach your goals, however far they
seem. Sometimes there might be temptations mid-way to give up your
goals but do not fall for those.
* Be polite even when you have to say no. You don’t have to
hurt any ones feeling while turning down their offer.

3) Sursa (the sea serpent) comes in the way of Shri Hanuman and wants
to devour him. Hanumanji requests her to let him go and he
will later on willingly serve himself. Sursa does not agree to it
and starts a huge built up and so does Shri Hanuman. Later, he
takes a very minute size and keeping his promise enters Sursa’s mouth
and quickly comes out and escapes.

Lessons learnt:

*Only physical power cannot help you all the time. Its
intelligence too that is important.

*One should know how to use strength/power effectively.

*Powers should be used only when needed.

*Respect your words and be true to them.

4) After reaching Lanka, Hanumanji halts on a mountain. He scans the city which he has never been to and analyses. He decides to enter the city at night and in a very tiny form.

Lessons learnt:

* Always understand or get overview of your problem
*Look for details and then make a plan

5) Lankini notices Hanumanji even in the tiny form restricts
him from going into the city. He hits her with a fist and then gets in.

Lessons learnt:

* Your actions should be based on what the situation requires
* Do as needed
* Never misuse your power.

6) In the city of Lanka, Hanumanji notices Tulsi plant in a palace and a small temple with signs of Bow and arrow of Lord Rama. Thus he reaches Vibhishan’s house who later helps Hanumanji.

Lessons learnt:

* Pay attention to even small details
*Think Logically

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