Sendhwa: A memorandum for construction of a flyover and a circle on the approach road of by-pass was presented to the SDO, by local BJP leaders and workers, addressed to the new prime minister. It is an accident-prone road and recently, Free Press raised the issue of risk of life on this road, regarding it as the ‘road of death’, after one accident occurred here three days ago.

This drew attention of local BJP leaders and the people’s representatives on the issue and now, they have raised this demand to the highest level. BJP’s spokesperson Sunil Agrawal said that, the construction of this approach road is defective and it has caused significant increase in number of road accidents on this road and also on the bypass road.
Agrawal asserted that, the construction of Flyover Bridge and a circle is the final solution of this problem.

National highway no. 3 passes from near the town, hence a bypass road was constructed, which passes around 3 Km. away from the residential habitats of the town. A small approach road connects the city with the highway.

On this approach road, one or more accidents occur almost daily. Hundreds of people have died and thousands have been injured, in those road accidents, within last four years. Earlier some speed breakers were also made over this road, but that made no difference.

Hence, according to the experts, the right solution is the construction of flyover bridge and a circle at village Chhoti Bijasan (Pilpaldhar) and Goi. Besides, this bridge should be connected with the central part of the town. The local leaders of BJP like Rammu Kaka, Suresh Garg, Ganesh Rathore and others have raised this demand by writing letters to various authorities concerned, including new Central minister of surface transport, chairman of  National Highways Authority, CM of state, labour minister and local MLA AS Arya, new MP Subhash Patel and the project director of PIU and NHAI.

The supporters of this demand also argued that, if we compare the conditions regarding approach roads to the same highway from the smaller towns and villages, situated nearby the highway in Maharashtra, we can find that, those were facilitated by the construction of flyover bridges and that’s why quite safe.

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